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Catalogue # 203 (November-December 2023), online version


This page contains handy links to our online download releases.




A digital download site offering the highest quality music rips around! CD quality flac, or almost any other format you require.
Full listen before you buy player. All albums are offered with full artwork! Some with bonus extras!
We also now sell all Ultima Thule CD, DVD and cassette releases via Bandcamp.


How to download at Bandcamp...

These instructions assume you have set-up a Bandcamp account correctly and purchased a release

You will have received an email or emails, with the links to download.

Check your junk or spam if you can't locate any.

If you never received any email(s) your settings on Bandcamp my be wrong.


You will also find what you have bought listed on your purchases page with download links

1 - go to your personal Bandcamp page

2 - click on your user logo, top-right of the Bandcamp screen

3 - click on the purchases text

4 - view your purchases, and click on the blue download text

5 - follow the instructions on the download page....

5 - - Preparing... (with moving dots) will appear for a short while before changing to blue Download

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Once downloaded, locate the zip file (you may have a downloaded items link on your web browser, on Firefox this is a down arrow point to a tray)
Use your preferred unzipper to unpack the zip file, then you're ready to play.


Here's a video of me downloading a Morphogenesis release as MP3 VO...


if above video embedding doesn't work, use this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yIOVuX9R-00



All download sources are linked or embedded on the release pages.
Quick link to the newest Auricle releases here





3 NEW REISSUES FROM PETER TEDSTONE: View, Adventure In Algiers, Ten To Strange, look here

THE INTERSTELLAR CEMENTMIXERS, new archive release titled Dimension X


Audion magazine - all issues are now available as download pdf or pdf/multimedia versions.


Alto Stratus - all old releases (as Adhara, Electric Junk, QSO and Vrije) are being added.

Alan Freeman - all old cassette releases now added as download.
Steve Freeman - all old cassette releases now added as download.

Planet X - The Interstellar Cementmixers, etc. - all Auricle releases are now available to purchase and download.

Zircon & The Burning Brains - all old cassette releases now added as download.


Auricle Music page on Bandcamp
new purchase discs
Escapade - So You Know
Richard Franecki & Hadley Kahn - EEMN
Hemamorphite - Awaiting Lewin
Shapeshifter - Unwrapping The Familiar
Shapeshifter - Time Capsule 2CD
Jim Tetlow - Oneiromancer
Jim Tetlow - Heart Of Glass

various artists downloads
Auricle 2001 Sampler
Auricle 2002 Sampler
Auricle 2005 Sampler
Auricle Cassettes Sampler
Historical Auricle
The UT Golden Hour


Quadelectronic documents...

QUADELECTRONIC - QE141 - 18th February 2020 - Live performance evening at Quad studios, Leicester
A total of 140 Quadelectronic events have been uploaded, all at "name your price".
That's 138 regular events, plus 2 specials. Only 3 are missing: QE4, QE87, QE127.


Quadelectronic related...

As Qudelectronic isn't happening due to lockdown during the Coronavirus situation, a special new remote collaboration has ensued with the project name: United Isolation Ensemble. There are now several download releases available of these unique collaborations. Look here:



2021 releases...

APPROACHING INFINITY - TRITON (AMCDR 308) This release documents the duo Approaching Infinity in collaboration with four different third performers at Quadelectronic events, adding a number of new hitherto unheard facets to the duo's sound. Although the whole collection is wonderful, with Helena McLeod's improv-vocalese adding a totally unexpected diversion on one track, three tracks also feature the cosmic guitar of Matt Stone, a talent that should really be more widely known. This and the previous two Approaching Infinity releases can be downloaded via Jim Tetlow's Bandcamp, with the physical discs via Ultima Thule/Auricle.

2020 releases...

PETER STROM - FREE ELECTRIC ROCK (UTCE 016) Originally unreleased rehearsal jam sessions. Recorded in Munich, Germany in 1992. "a throwback to the early Nekropolis days, and further back to the realms of Guru Guru and Günter Schickert's band GAM. The demo tape Peter sent, entitled FREE ELECTRIC ROCK, contains some astounding music." - as reported in Audion, 28 years ago!
RUIN - WIRED UP (AMCDR 304) March 2018 session -
down to a trio on this one, but it's no lesser a beast, with lots of multi-tracking going on, it's 8 trips down new rabbit holes, each with many a surprise in store! You'll hear familiar elements of the Ruin sound you know, but an interplay that's different, this is largely due to Curly leaving all the guitar duties to Jack, and instead he plays around a lot more with electronics and also giving more room to flute. There's also lots of sound twisting and reprocessing on the fly resulting in some pretty weird textures. All of this, as usual, is counterpointed or bolstered by the percussion work of Stu. Wired Up indeed!

TRIAX - COSMIC ENGINEERS (AMCDR 303/4) 2xCDR - 30/12/2018 session - another Triax with no hurdy-gurdy, with Dave playing violin instead, often with processing that makes it sound like something else. Lots of string synth and mock Mellotron sounds too, twisted electronics, flute, guitar, and much more, all spiced up with live electroacoustics, collage and looping.


Choice 2019 titles...


ENDGAME - LIQUID TIME (AMCDR 302) CDR - brand new 20th anniversary 2019 session! After a hiatus of several years, except for the occasional Quadelectronic performance, this 20th anniversary session from Endgame just goes to show that the daring spirit of Endgame has not at all died out. Fresh and vital, this mixes some well-worn ideas with lots of new ones, and obviously some ideas leeching through form parallel projects Triax and Approaching Infinity. So, expect both the familiar Endgame style (if there is such a thing) embellished by a lot that is different.

RUIN - PLAY (AMCDR 301) from 2014 live video session! As Ruin have never performed live, and maybe they never will, I suggested that maybe they should video one of their studio sessions. And they did, but still wanted to remain somewhat incognito, hence the disguises! So, on the web you can now experience Ruin on the edge, spontaneous and unedited. Following comments that this was so good that it should be released as an album, here it is (not quite warts 'n' all, as some considerable work was needed to get rid of some flaws not evident on the video version) now with greatly improved clarity.

TRIAX - 44 (AMCDR 297) January 2018 recordings - a diverse collection of 12 tracks extracted from 3 big sessions, covering a wide range of moods. Sometimes unmistakably Triax (despite the lack of any hurdy-gurdy, featuring Dave Powell on flute and dulcimer instead), some of it is new previously unexplored territory.


Bandcamp pages


Auricle Music - Auricle official bootleg series, various artists and other oddment releases
Cosmic Egg - selected Krautrock releases and samplers

Alto Stratus - electronic/experimental duo established in the 1980s, owners of Ultima Thule - lots of new items here!
Biomechanoid - "Atmospheres & Melodies Inspired By The Paintings Of H.R. Giger" release
Con-Hertz - exclusive releases by Conrad Schnitzler & Wolfgang Hertz
Endgame - improvising electronics trio - 20th anniversary release: Liquid Time
Extremities - hybrid Endgame/Triax quartet
Alan Freeman - solo releases
Steve Freeman
- solo releases
Improquadelectronic - a selection of live electronic events in Leicester 2004+
The Newt Hounds - Nurse With Wound inspired project from Alto Stratus and friends
Kevin O'Neill - solo releases by Welsh synth artist
Orient-Express - French experimental Zeuhl fusion reissue
Dave Powell - experimental music for hurdy-gurdy, flute, etc.
Quadelectronic Documents - a catalogue of all recorded events with name your price download
Quark - instrumental progressive and space-rock from Yorkshire
Ruin - experimental improv rock band from Leicester
Sine Wave - multi-instrumentalist: guitars, synth, Mellotron, etc.
Jim Tetlow - solo releases
Triax - Leicester experimental electronic/acoustic trio
Zircon and The Burning Brains - industrial trio established in the 1980s


Original series of uploads


Triax - ARCHIVE 1 (AMDL 001) download only album
Endgame - KONTAKTE (AMDL 002) download only album
Endgame - SPACED (AMDL 003)
Endgame - MEMENTO (AMDL 004)
Triax - DESOLATE (AMDL 006)
Alto Stratus - ACOUSTIC SURGERY (AMDL 007)
Con-Hertz - FACE ON RADIO (AMDL 008)
Con-Hertz - CONTRASTS CD1 (AMDL 009)
Con-Hertz - CONTRASTS CD2 (AMDL 010)
Alto Stratus - ALCHEMY (AMDL 011)
Alto Stratus - DEVASTATION (AMDL 012)
Alto Stratus - REWIRED (AMDL 013)
Zircon and The Burning Brains - COLD SMOKE (AMDL 014)
Zircon and The Burning Brains - EMBERS (AMDL 015)

Alto Stratus - ASYLUM (AMDL 016) download only album
The Zircon Game - FIRE LANE (AMDL 017)

Zircon and The Burning Brains - DISSECTING HUMAN LIFE (AMDL 018)
Endgame - DARK MATTER (AMDL 019)
Endgame - HORSELENGTH (AMDL 020)
Alto Stratus - VISIONS (AMDL 021)


All other August 2014+ uploads have physical release catalogue numbers suffixed DL



all as "name your price" download


Alto Stratus - 1980'S SELECTION (AMDLS AS1)
Alto Stratus - 2000'S SELECTION (AMDLS AS2)

Hadley Kahn & Escapade - AURICLE SELECTION (AMDLS HKE1)
The Interstellar Cementmixers - ELECTRONIC RAIN (AMDLS TIC1)



bargain collection


David Prescott - AURICLE COLLECTION (AMCDR 119-122 DL)

improquadelectronic - all releases!

Quadelectronic - all releases

Various Artists - Krautrock




Routenote are a download hosting agent who distribute to places like iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc., so eventually these will be available almost anywhere in the world via popular sources at bargain prices as mp3. Here's the current listing with links to hosting sites. Note that the Routenote site itself is very clunky and slow, but in some cases it is the cheapest option.


format: Artist - TITLE (catalogue number) release date  Routenote link  Amazon.co.uk link  [AMAZON.COM] AMAZON.CO.UK


Alto Stratus - ACOUSTIC SURGERY (AMCDR 078 RN) 28/3/2019 Routenote  Amazon  B07QGDRNLR

Alto Stratus - ADHARA (AMACDR 010 RN) 4/2/2016  Routenote  Amazon  B01CGMU7I4

Alto Stratus - ALCHEMY (AMCDR 002 RN) 3/2/2016  Routenote  Amazon  B01CG576SA

Alto Stratus - ASYLUM (AMDL 016 RN) 3/2/2016  Routenote  Amazon  B01CG56YYM

Alto Stratus - CONTAMINATE (DSC 60.012 RN) 26/3/2019 Routenote  Amazon  B07QD5ZJCS

Alto Stratus - DEVASTATION (AMCDR 026 RN) 26/3/2019  Routenote  Amazon  B07QB818W4

Alto Stratus - ELECTRIC JUNK (AMACDR 009 RN) 3/2/2016  Routenote  Amazon  B01CGMZ9ZU

Alto Stratus - EYE OPENER (AMCDR 168 RN) 30/1/2016  Routenote  Amazon  [B009Y0IN92] B009XGPJ3A

Alto Stratus - REGION 5 (AMACDR 008 RN) 3/2/2016  Routenote  Amazon  B01CG553SU

Alto Stratus - REWIRED (AMCDR 083 RN) 26/3/2019  Routenote  Amazon  B07QHGPRLN

Alto Stratus - SVET OZVENY (AMCDR 007 RN) 3/2/2016  Routenote  Amazon  B01CG56WU8

Alto Stratus - TENSION! (AMCDR 008 RN) 28/3/2019  Routenote  Amazon  B07QF9CZT9

Alto Stratus - THE RITUAL (AMCDR 031 RN) 30/1/2016  Routenote  Amazon  [B00B07GNLC] B00B06F256

Alto Stratus - TIME DILATION / METAMORPHOSIS (AMCDR 098 RN) 3/2/2016  Routenote  Amazon  B01CG58BWU

Alto Stratus - Vrije - AZAZEL EBLIS (ZC 60.003 RN) 9/3/2016  Routenote  Amazon  B00O940A5S

Alto Stratus & Triax - LIVE EQ & SOL (AMCDR 191 RN) 9/4/2019  Routenote  Amazon  B07QQZ3XSC

Endgame - A FAUSTIAN FARMYARD (AMCDR 081 RN) 4/4/2019  Routenote  Amazon  B07QJSJ46P

Endgame - A WITNESS TO MADNESS (AMCDR 066 RN) 4/4/2019  Routenote  Amazon  B07QCDCZ5P

Endgame - ABSTRACTION (AMCDR 149 RN) 4/4/2019  Routenote  Amazon  B07QH8FKPG

Endgame - ALLES ÜBER SCHIZOPHRENE? (AMCDR 072/73 RN) 12/4/2019  Routenote  Amazon  B07QQ3R97X

Endgame - AMPLOS (AMCDR 158 RN) 10/4/2019  Routenote  Amazon  B07QF19TCJ

Endgame - BCNU (AMCDR 070 RN) 10/4/2019  Routenote  Amazon  B07QH8FKPG

Endgame - BEYOND THE RIM (AMCDR 172/3 RN) 16/4/2019  Routenote  Amazon  B07QY4B13Q

Endgame - C (AMCDR 071 RN) 12/4/2019  Routenote  Amazon  B07QNZT516

Endgame - CAGE (AMCDR 063 RN) 30/1/2016  Routenote  Amazon  [B00AYVEA7Y] B00AYTLISK

Endgame - COBWEBS (AMCDR 125 RN) 30/1/2016  Routenote  Amazon  [B00B07FII6] B00B06TR1Q

Endgame - CRYPTIC TRIPTYCH (AMCDR 016 RN) 10/4/2019  Routenote  Amazon  B07QMZVKL2

Endgame - CUPOLA (AMCDR 040 RN) 10/4/2019  Routenote  Amazon  B07QS2GKGF

Endgame - EARLY STASIS (AMC 047 RN) 30/1/2016 + Pulsatons (Cytoplasm edit)  Routenote  Amazon  B00BMUB6JQ

Endgame - ELEMENTAL TRAVELLER (AMCDR 110 RN) 15/4/2019  Routenote  Amazon  B07QZ5M1PS

Victoria Bourne and Endgame - ENCOUNTERS (AMCDR 183 RN) 26/9/2012  Routenote  Amazon  [B00A26HGXQ] B00A2AJ7MK

Endgame - ENGAGING PROVIDENCE (AMCDR 033 RN) 24/4/2019  Routenote  Amazon  B07R74S1XJ

Endgame - ENIGMA (AMCDR 161 RN) 25/4/2019  Routenote  Amazon  B07V2BLFT7

Endgame - EUPHORIA (AMCDR 039 RN) 23/4/2019  Routenote  Amazon  Apple

Endgame - FLUXION (AMCDR 050 RN) 24/4/2019  Routenote  Amazon 

Endgame - FRAGILE (AMCDR 012 RN) 23/4/2019  Routenote  Amazon  B07R52YWQ4

Endgame - FUNGUS (AMCDR 175 RN) 30/4/2019  Routenote  Amazon  B07R5Z2YS6

Endgame - GRAVITY WELL (AMCDR 139 RN) 24/4/2019  Routenote  Amazon  Deezer

Endgame - H2SO4 (AMCDR 047 RN) 23/4/2019  Routenote  Amazon  B07QZ4PF3L

Endgame - HEXED (AMCDR 058 RN) 25/4/2019  Routenote  Amazon  B07RD41T4N

Endgame - HORIZONS (AMCDR 084 RN) 30/1/2016  Routenote  Amazon  [B00AYSR1KA] B00AYTRGJA

Endgame - HORSELENGTH (AMCDR 250 RN) 24/4/2019  Routenote  Amazon  B07R4TT2MK

Endgame - ICH BIN SCHIZOPHRENE (AMCDR 022 RN) 24/4/2019  Routenote  Amazon  B07R2DQHHB

Endgame - INSTINCT (AMCDR 159 RN) 26/4/2019  Routenote  Amazon  B07RKDK6VX

Endgame - JUST CURIOUS (AMCDR 154/5 RN) 17/4/2019  Routenote  Amazon  B07RG8QL64

Endgame - KHIMAIRA (AMCDR 108/9 RN) 24/4/2019  Routenote  Amazon  B07R3J8R96

Endgame - KONTAKTE (AMCDR 224 RN) 23/4/2019  Routenote  Amazon  B07R3F9LZG

Endgame - LIVE AT BAMBU (AMCDR 113/114 RN) 24/4/2019  Routenote  Amazon  B07R3CSX8B

Endgame - MAROONED (AMCDR 062 RN) 25/4/2019  Routenote  Amazon  B07R6SR86N

Endgame - MEMENTO (AMCDR 135 RN) 3/5/2019  Routenote  Amazon  B07RHWC8TW

Endgame - METABOLISM (AMCDR 025 RN) 2/5/2019  Routenote  Amazon  B07RHCBW3G

Endgame - NATTMARA (AMCDR 060 RN) 2/5/2019  Routenote  Amazon  B07RG8KTML

Endgame - NO RANDOM SPLICE (AMCDR 140 RN) 3/5/2019 + The Small Earth (Xylem Remix)  Routenote  Amazon  B07RL4ZKDL

Endgame - NUCLI (AMCDR 046 RN) 23/4/2019  Routenote  Amazon  B07R3HYJPN

Endgame - STRETCHED ACROSS THE SEA (AMC 046 RN) 9/3/2016 + Nightshade (Cytoplasm edit)  Routenote  Amazon  [B00A26GJAM] B00B09NWR8

Endgame - TEMPORAL CEMENT (AMCDR 144 RN) 2/5/2019  Routenote  Amazon  B07RLWT5ZD

Escape Route - COLUMNS OF HERAKLES (AMCDR 146 RN) 9/3/2016  Routenote  Amazon  B00O94FGKM

Extremities - CAULDRON (AMCDR 184 RN) 30/1/2016  Routenote  Amazon  [B00B07KFES] B00B06STGU

Extremities - FRACTURE (AMCDR 112 RN) 30/12/2012  Routenote  Amazon  [B00B0DCY3W] B00B0DH8RE

Alan Freeman - CAPTURED FLUX (AMCDR 011 RN) 3/2/2016  Routenote  Amazon  B01CG583RI

Alan Freeman - ELEMENTAL MEDITATION (AMCDR 143 RN) 30/1/2016 + Epilogue  Routenote  Amazon  [B009Y0J7V0] B009XGRHPI

Alan Freeman - MELTING PHASE (AMCDR 006 RN) 3/2/2016  Routenote  Amazon  B01CG57NUQ

Alan Freeman - MEZZOSPHERE (AMCDR 001 RN) 30/1/2016  Routenote  Amazon  [B00B0DBDH0] B00B0DMLCG

Steve Freeman - CONUNDRUM (AMCDR 010 RN) 3/2/2016  Routenote  Amazon  B01CG56JA6

New 7th Music - NEW 7TH MUSIC THE EXPLODING HEADBAND (AMCDR 132 RN) 9/3/2016  Routenote  Amazon  B00O95CPK0

Dave Powell - INDUSTRIAL FOLK MUSIC (AMCDR 051 RN) 3/2/2016  Routenote  Amazon  B01CG588NC

Rancid Poultry - ARCHIVES 1-6 SELECTION (AMDLS RP2 RN) 28/3/2019  Routenote  Amazon 

Rancid Poultry - LOOK OUT! (AMDLS RP1) 23/4/2019  Routenote  Amazon  B07R86Q6WL

Ruin - PSYCHO GROOVE (AMCDR 210 SDL) 8/5/2017  Routenote  Amazon  B0714BKRCN

Ruin - SPONTANEOUS VOL.1  (AMDLS RS1) 8/5/2017  Routenote  Amazon  B071F7Y89X

Ruin - SPONTANEOUS VOL.2 (AMDLS RS2) 8/5/2017  Routenote  Amazon  B0716X8LP8

Ruin - TENTACLES OF THE TRIPOD MASK (AMCDR 195 RN) 3/2/2016  Routenote  Amazon  B01CG57AAY

Sine Wave - SINE WAVE (AMCDR 138 RN) 9/3/2016  Routenote  Amazon  [B00B07BXKI] B00A27FQ1E

Triax - 13 (AMCDR 100 RN) 26/3/2019  Routenote  Amazon  B07QGBDM36

Triax - A FOREIGN COUNTRY (AMCDR 192 RN) 26/3/2019  Routenote  Amazon  B07Q853BTV

Triax - ALIEN FOLK (AMCDR 082 RN) 27/3/2019  Routenote  Amazon  Apple

Triax - ARCHIVE 1 (AMDL 001 RN) 27/3/2019  Routenote  Amazon  Deezer

Triax - CAUSE & EFFECT (AMCDR 097 RN) 29/3/2019  Routenote  Amazon 

Triax - COLLISIONS (AMCDR 211 RN) 4/2/2016  Routenote  Amazon  B01CG57DA6

Triax - CREATURES (AMCDR 126/7 RN) 3/4/2019  Routenote  Amazon  B07QBBXS2M

Triax - CROC EN JAMBE (AMCDR 037 RN) 29/3/2019  Routenote  Amazon  B07Q8WR43Z

Triax - CYCLE (AMCDR 118 RN) 30/1/2016 + Tail Snake (Ouroboros Remix)  Routenote  Amazon  [B00B0DEVD8] B00B0DQKG4

Triax - DANGEROUS PLAYGROUND (AMCDR 064/65 RN) 23/3/2019  Routenote  Amazon  B07Q7668QH

Triax - DESOLATE (AMCDR 156 RN) 1/5/2019  Routenote  Amazon  B07RLHT78Q

Triax - DRIE SNIJDENDE VLAKKEN (AMCDR 044 RN) 29/3/2019  Routenote  Amazon  B07Q4G4R5V

Triax - EMBRYO (AMCDR 085 RN) 29/3/2019  Routenote  Amazon  B07Q3TSL47

Triax - EXTRATERRESTRIALS (AMCDR 188 RN) 29/3/2019  Routenote  Amazon  B07Q5VNFQ3

Triax - GOTHIC (AMCDR 182 RN) 5/4/2019  Routenote  Amazon  B07QS4DM8L

Triax - IMPACT CRATER (AMCDR 213 RN) 1/4/2019  Routenote  Amazon  B07Q8729J5

Triax - IMPOSSIBLE (AMCDR 206 RN) 29/3/2019  Routenote  Amazon  B07Q9PL2BB

Triax - INTEGRATED CIRCUITS (AMCDR 216/7 RN) 2/4/2019  Routenote  Amazon  B07QF8QYHN

Triax - KNOTS (AMCDR 202 RN) 2/4/2019  Routenote  Amazon  Deezer

Triax - LIVE AT BAMBU (AMCDR 104 RN) 29/3/2019  Routenote  Amazon  B07Q5YPGD5

Triax - METAMORPHIC TRICKSTER (AMCDR 145 RN) 2/4/2019  Routenote  Amazon  B07QBBXWQ3

Triax - MINDSWAP (AMCDR 167 RN) 2/4/2019  Routenote  Amazon  B07Q649M4S

Triax - MOEBIUSSTRIP (AMCDR 075/76 RN) 3/4/2019  Routenote  Amazon  B07QBBHD71

Triax - NECRONOMICON (AMCDR 171 RN) 30/1/2016  Routenote  Amazon  [B009Y0K5IO] B009XGS0E0

Triax - NOT ON THIS EARTH (AMCDR 174 RN) 2/4/2019  Routenote  Amazon  B07QBC9VM5

Triax - PETRIFIED (AMCDR 281 RN) 2/4/2019  Routenote  Amazon  B07QGF9K8B

Triax - QUATERMASS / THE STONE TAPE (AMCDR 197 RN) 3/4/2019  Routenote  Amazon  B07QHKRJ5D

Triax - RAZOR (AMCDR 129 RN) 3/4/2019  Routenote  Amazon  B07QQXVQHQ

Triax - REALITY IS NOT WHAT IT USED TO BE (AMCDR 193/4 RN) 4/4/2019  Routenote  Amazon  B07QGLDL93

Triax - SHATTERED (AMCDR 079 RN) 3/4/2019  Routenote Amazon  B07QHGPXNQ

Triax - SHORT VACATION TO THE BRAIN (AMCDR 200 RN) 3/4/2019  Routenote  Amazon  B07QBCCMMM

Triax - SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION (AMCDR 048/49 RN) 3/4/2019  Routenote  Amazon  B07QHJL3Q5

Triax - SUPERNATURAL TROUBADOURS (AMCDR 089 RN) 3/4/2019  Routenote  Amazon  B07QGJ5D9S

Triax - THE HOLLOW LANDS (AMCDR 163 RN) 3/4/2019  Routenote  Amazon  B07QCC2VS4

Triax - THREADS (AMCDR 136/7 RN) 9/4/2019  Routenote  Amazon  B07QPV183W

Triax - TORN ASUNDER (AMCDR 087 RN) 3/4/2019  Routenote  Amazon  B07QHMLQTN

Triax - UNHINGED (AMCDR 106/7 RN) 9/4/2019  Routenote  Amazon  B07QS1PGXR

Triax - VORTEX (AMCDR 134 RN) 9/4/2019  Routenote  Amazon  B07QMQ9FT8

Zircon and The Burning Brains - SCHREEK (ZC 60.001 RN) 8/3/2016  Routenote  Amazon  [B00A26GRHC] B00A27FXAS

Zircon and The Burning Brains - ZIRCOGNITION (AMCDR 057 RN) 3/2/2016  Routenote  Amazon  B01CG56GCM

various artists - A BREEZE OF TIME (AMACDR 015 RN) 3/2/2016  Routenote  Amazon  B01CG55WSQ

various artists - A CAGE WENT IN SEARCH OF A BIRD (AMSCDR 006 RN) 3/2/2016  Routenote  Amazon  B01CG55KCY

various artists - BIJOUTERIE (AMCDR 024 RN) 8/3/2016  Routenote  Amazon  [B009Y0JJTK] B009XGSJSC

various artists - DRONSZ (AMCDR 038 RN) 8/03/2016  Routenote  Amazon  [B00A35R8UW] B00A3059KS


Errors in uploads...

duplicate: Triax - DESOLATE - 22/3/2019 {5059137501589} B07Q646LHT - pending removal

highlighted are not yet active on Amazon.


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All these are top quality 320 kbps. A few with extra tracks too!  The more people buy - the more I will upload!
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Here are a few of our artist pages, and some related other useful ones...

Alto Stratus

Victoria Bourne

Endgame - unfortunately listed as The Endgame, and with other artists

Escape Route - currently on the wrong artist, so linked the only release so far

Alan Freeman - currently listed under another Alan Freeman

Steve Freeman - currently listed under another Steve Freeman

Extremities - currently listed as The Extremities, along with what look like a hip hop band

New 7th Music

Dave Powell - currently listed under another Dave Powell - need to put in a support request

Rancid Poultry

Ruin - currently listed under another Ruin - need to put in a support request

Sine Wave - currently also has 1 incorrect item listed - need to put in a support request

Zircon & The Burning Brains




Another useful upload site. Really fast upload means big files can be hosted there, so I uploaded some rare and unreleased material...











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