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ULTIMA THULE / CATALOGUE / Ultima Thule releases

Catalogue # 183 (July-August 2020), online version


How do I order?
Most Ultima Thule releases can now be purchased via Bandcamp or Discogs. You can also order or pay by other methods.
As it's not practical to add shopping cart to everything on the UT catalogue, instead copy text from the listing and paste it into an email.
Ask to reserve, pay by registered credit/debit card: utle1uk@btconnect.com or request a PayPal invoice: utle2uk@btconnect.com
You can also phone 0116 2702354, or message Alan Freeman on Facebook, chat at ultimthulemusic or order via Discogs
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Many new reissues and compilations are also available as Bandcamp downloads!


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AURICLE / COSMIC EGG - new releases


# TRIAX - COSMIC ENGINEERS (AMCDR 303/4) 2xCDR - 30/12/2018 session - another Triax with no hurdy-gurdy, with Dave playing violin instead, often with processing that makes it sound like something else. Lots of string synth and mock Mellotron sounds too, twisted electronics, flute, guitar, and much more, all spiced up with live electroacoustics, collage and looping. You can also, buy via Discogs
# RUIN - WIRED UP (AMCDR 304) March 2018 session -
down to a trio on this one, but it's no lesser beast, with lots of multi-tracking going on, it's 8 trips down new rabbit holes, each with many a surprise in store! You'll hear familiar elements of the Ruin sound you know, but an interplay that's different, this is largely due to Curly leaving all the guitar duties to Jack, and instead he plays around a lot more with electronics and also giving more room to flute. There's also lots of sound twisting and reprocessing on the fly resulting in some pretty weird textures. All of this, as usual, is counterpointed or bolstered by the percussion work of Stu. Wired Up indeed! You also, buy via Discogs



Some of the most recent issues, all priced £8.00 each

ENDGAME - LIQUID TIME (AMCDR 302) CDR - brand new 20th anniversary 2019 session! After a hiatus of several years, except for the occasional Quadelectronic performance, this 20th anniversary session from Endgame just goes to show that the daring spirit of Endgame has not at all died out. Fresh and vital, this mixes some well-worn ideas with lots of new ones, and obviously some ideas leeching through form parallel projects Triax and Approaching Infinity. So, expect both the familiar Endgame style (if there is such a thing) embellished by a lot that is different.

TRIAX - 44 (AMCDR 297) January 2018 recordings - a diverse collection of 12 tracks extracted from 3 big sessions, covering a wide range of moods. Sometimes unmistakably Triax (despite the lack of any hurdy-gurdy, featuring Dave Powell on flute and dulcimer instead), some of it is new previously unexplored territory.

RUIN - HALLUCINATIONS (AMCDR 299)  - If you thought you knew RUIN - think again! Starting in the realms of Metabolist somewhat, this album is one hell of a trip, moving from avant-garde stoner/post-rock hybrids onto the downright weird. An apt album title then, with suitably bizarre texts/lyrics too.

RUIN - PLAY (AMCDR 301) from 2014 live video session! As Ruin have never performed live, and maybe they never will, I suggested that maybe they should video one of their studio sessions. And they did, but still wanted to remain somewhat incognito, hence the disguises! So, on the web you can now experience Ruin on the edge, spontaneous and unedited. Following comments that this was so good that it should be released as an album, here it is (not quite warts 'n' all, as some considerable work was needed to get rid of some flaws not evident on the video version) now with greatly improved clarity.


Rancid Poultry - Archives...

All previously unreleased session recordings from the 1990s. These are largely heavy instrumental stuff sounding like a hybrid of Metabolist, Guru Guru, Nekropolis, et al - but with that unique Rancid Poultry frazzled edge. All are numbered editions (first run is 20 copies) and they sell for £8.00 each.
ARCHIVES 1993-05-04 (AMCDR 290) 5 tracks: 73'48"

ARCHIVES 1995-04-04 (AMCDR 292) 5 tracks: 60'46"

ARCHIVES 1996-08-13 (AMCDR 294) "Sparsity" 4 tracks: 58'34"

ARCHIVES 1997-01-14 (AMCDR 296) "The Winter Of Discontent" 6 tracks: 66'54"

ARCHIVES 1998-06-02 (AMCDR 298) "Pre Po90 Posturings & The Dark Session" 5 tracks: 53'59"

ARCHIVES FRAGMENTS 1994-1998 (AMCDR 300) 7 more tracks: 57'55"


Cosmic Egg...

ALCATRAZ - NO 4 (UTCE 008 CDR) excellent instrumental jazz fusion - ltd.ed. 2nd pressing


Alto Stratus Dark Star reissues...

2019 batch of 12 Alto Stratus releases from 1984. This was a very prolific and explorative era of Alto Stratus, most famous for the Svet Ozveny, Tension! and Tachyon releases. All the below have never reissued before (some remixed tracks were included in the Auricle Archives releases), and are now all authentically mastered as bargain discs at just £5.00 each.

URBAN DECAY (DS101 CDR) two side-long patchwork suites. 52'05"

TALES FROM TOMORROW (DS102 CDR) a mixture of surrealist and sci-fi concepts, dream imagery and pure experimentation. 60'48"

ÉPATANT! (DS103 CDR) first really explorative work with echo machine. 58'52"

TRAUMA (DS104 CDR) lots of Casio keyboards based ditties (many dedicated to Roedelius) alongside more unusual pieces. Includes a bonus track. 69'05"

CHAOS (DSB3 CDR) from the unreleased Pantheon series. 60'46"

KRONOS (DSB11 CDR) from the unreleased Pantheon series. 58'15"

XOLOTL (DSB24 CDR) from the unreleased Pantheon series. 60'00"

LOGOS (DSB12 CDR) from the unreleased Pantheon series. 56'10"

THOR (DSB20 CDR) from the unreleased Pantheon series. 58'43"

LIQUID SKY (DS107 CDR) an oddball concept album, inspired by the weird punk sci-fi movie "Liquid Sky", including 3 rare extra tracks 70'55"

IBLIS (DSB9 CDR) from the unreleased Pantheon series. 58'20"

LIVE IN STUDIO 9/10/84 (DS110 CDR) first Alto Stratus attempt to record an album live in the studio without overdubs, and one of our few pure synthesizer albums. 55'12"


Most current releases are issued in "rolling" editions of 20 numbered copies. Some of our own band releases are in editions of 12. Many old titles are now low stock or deleted. All are remastered for the best quality possible. Many are exclusives! Downloads of many titles are also available via Bandcamp, and places like Amazon, iTunes, Tidal, etc.


future Auricle releases...
(Auricle AMCDR 30?) cosmic treks by Alan Freeman & Jim Tetlow plus guests
RUIN - TBA (Auricle AMCDR 30?) possibly several more releases
TRIAX - TBA (Auricle AMCDR 30?) December 2018 session recordings!


Upcoming releases can be pre-ordered during the two weeks before release.


earlier 2019 releases...

DAVID HINDMARCH - THE LONG TRICK (AMCDR 289) electroacoustic works featuring voice
RANCID POULTRY - ARCHIVES 1993-05-04 (AMCDR 290) 73:48 previously unreleased - 28/1
RANCID POULTRY - ARCHIVES 1995-04-04 (AMCDR 292) 60:46 previously unreleased - 28/1
RUIN - MENTAL DISTURBANCE (AMCDR 293) 2017 session recordings - 28/1
RANCID POULTRY - ARCHIVES 1996-08-13 (AMCDR 294) 58:34 previously unreleased - 25/2
LIQUIFICATION PROCESS - LIQUIFICATION PROCESS (AMCDR 295) Interstellar Cementmixers related - 25/2

2018 releases...

CELL BLOCK Z - SPLINTER RECESS (AMCDR 282) industrial music by Interstellar Cementmixers
RUIN - A DIFFERENT PLACE (AMCDR 283) ltd.ed. CDR £8.00
TRIAX - UNDERGROUND (AMCDR 284) live at The Church Of Sound in Nottingham
APPROACHING INFINITY - EN PASSANT (Auricle AMCDR 285) duo works from Quadelectronic by Alan Freeman & Jim Tetlow
TARTOVISTI - FULL MOON (AMCDR 286) third by this enigmatic folk/unfok duo
ENDGAME - ELECTROACOUSTICS (AMCDR 287/288) 2xCDR an almost lost album from late 2006


Deleted / very last copies...

As a lot of Auricle releases are nearing the end of their editions, and we don't have the facilities to reprint covers the same,
any such very last copies or re-found rarities/deleted items you can buy at Discogs or here by email (see the news page)
Any represses (if they happen) will be different!


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