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Dark Star DSC 60.009 CDR 54'00" CD-R 5.00 + p&p

1. 13:25-15:00 26'15"
11:45-13:15 27'45"

Composed, produced and engineered by Vrije.
Recorded at Nekrosis Studio, Leicester, late morning & afternoon of 14 June 1983.

A historic early cassette of pure electronic music almost entirely created on the Yamaha CS5 synthesizer. Each piece comprised of 3 live laminations (that is recording a track live to cassette, then playing that track back whilst adding a second layer, and then again adding a third layer) with the slight difference in speed of the playback cassette machine causing phase patterns when pulses and modulations of the same pattern are superimposed. This is a technique the likes of Steve Reich and Terry Riley stumbled upon in the 1960's, which we re-discovered by chance. Vrije 4 was as much inspired by the minimal electronics of American pioneers like Alvin Lucier and Robert Ashley, as the Teutonic leaders like Conrad Schnitzler or Asmus Tietchens, and there's quite a big nod to such stuff as found on the Cramps Records label, i.e. Horacio Vaggione's "La Maquina Di Cantar".

Originally a cassette (various editions) - quantity unknown - released ?/?/1983.
First CDR edition - released ?/?/2010.

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