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Dark Star DS201 CDR 56'07" CD-R 5.00 + p&p

1. Op 73, Part 1 27'10"
Op 73, Part 2 28'55"

Composed, produced and engineered by Vrije (A&S Freeman, aka Alto Stratus).
Recorded at Nekrosis Studio, Leicester (Winter 1983-1984).

Another strange concept opus in the manner of "Gravamina For Uxoricide" with all sorts of influences, a lot of Throbbing Gristle and Konstruktivits especially, sci-fi and horror stuff (for a while we taped every good movie on TV to resource as sound material). Elements as diverse as Dome, Hawkwind, Cluster, Heldon, and much more can be heard, and a lot that was our own different/unique way of doing things. Amazing what you can do with limited instrumentation when you put your mind to it (basically a synthesizer and Casio keyboard, plus home made gadgets, tapes and voice). It's one of the first thematic multi-part works (constructed as a lot of separate pieces then later cut and mixed together) that we did that was quite successful. It's quite an intense listen, and very much of its era.

Originally a cassette (various editions) - quantity unknown - released ?/1/1984.
First CDR edition - released ?/?/2010.

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