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1. Alan, Steve, Dylan, Amit

2. Alan, Steve, James

3. Victoria, Alan, Steve

4. Alan, Steve, James

5. Victoria, Chris, Alan, Steve...

6. Dave, Alan, Steve

7. Alan, Steve, Kevin, Pete

8. Lee, Alan, Steve



Auricle AMCDR 168 69'50" CD-R 7.00 + p&p

1. Alan, Steve, Dylan, Amit 11'44"

2. Alan, Steve, James 8'30"

3. Victoria, Alan, Steve 7'50"

4. Alan, Steve, James 8'10"

5. Victoria, Chris, Alan, Steve, Kevin, Dylan 7'14"

6. Dave, Alan, Steve 7'35"

7. Alan, Steve, Kevin, Pete 10'16"

8. Lee, Alan, Steve 6'12"



Recorded and archived by Jim Tetlow at Quadelectronic events...
1: Q# 9: 17/2, 2: Q# 15: 25/8, 3: Q# 16: 27/9, 4: Q# 17: 27/10, 5: Q# 18: 17/11,
6/7: Q# 19: 15/12, 8: at Stench 3: 27/3, all 2009.

Additional mix, edit, EQ by Alan Freeman.

Cover art by Mark Thomas.


Alan Freeman: bowed guitar, effects, guitar-synth, Roland SH32, laptop (guitar loops, virtual synths & sampler), voice, bowed spring-board, bowed CD, bells, Air Fx

Steve Freeman: tapes, bowed bass, bowed DVD, bowed CD, cymbal, turntable platter, marbles, voice, effects


Dylan Menzies: saxophone.(1), custom built electronics (5)

Amit Patel: digital turntable, effects (1)

James Lynch: Korg Kaoss pad (2,4)

Victoria Bourne: vocals, flute, percussion (3,5)

Chris Conway: Theremin, keyboard, vocals, low whistle, effects (5)

Kevin Hewick: guitar, effects (5,7)

Dave Dhonau: cello, effects (6)

Pete Turnpenney: guitar, effects (7)

Lee Allatson: percussion, feedback electronics (8)


A big "thank you" to all the musicians and friends at Quadelectronic, the most unique and creative of all live events we've had the privilege to be involved in. Still going strong, and with ever more talent daring to risk total "free improv" the Quad way! When you've heard the music, watch the videos via YouTube. You never know, they may not be around forever. Use the on YouTube links below or visit the Quadelectronic archive page on the Ultima Thule website for much more! I recommend that you get a free YouTube downloader to keep the videos for posterity!

First edition (quantity not specified) - released ?/12/2010.

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