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Dark Star DS102 CDR 60'48" CD-R 5.00 + p&p

1. Conspicuous 5:00

2. Race! 3:00

3. Le Joie 0:46

4. Theory 7:24

5. Tomorrow 14:42

6. One More Blade of Grass 29:55



Composed by Alto Stratus in winter 1983/84.

Cover - S.W.Freeman.

Original cassette: (Dark Star 102) 1984


Authentic original master transferred to digital and repaired by Alan Freeman at Tachyon Studio, Knighton Fields, Leicester in March 2019.


Reissue design by Xylem


Alan Freeman, Steve Freeman

Casio keyboards, Yamaha CS5, acoustic guitar, Evans echo EP50, tapes,
and other things.


This one involved a variety of surrealist and sci-fi concepts, dream imagery and pure experimentation. Most of the spoken vocals here are Steve, with dada gibberish by Alan. Tomorrow itself was a choice section of several hours of recordings of a microphone in the guttering outside the flat, recording the passing traffic, people, etc., all with copious layers upon layers of echo. One More Blade of Grass was a homage to the post biological apocalypse survivors film. The cover image was inspired by the dream images of another sci-fi film.

Originally a cassette (quantity unknown) - released ?/1/1984.
CDR reissue: Numbered edition - released: 1/5/2019.

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