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Auricle AMC 021 £9.00 last copies
special edition £9.00

duration: 88'42"

Part I 44'30"

Part II 44'12"

Composed by Robert Rich.
A: Recorded in Monterey, California (15 September 1983).
B: Recorded in Stanford, California (13 March 1984).

Robert Rich: all instruments.


Originator of a unique concept 'sleep concerts' atmospheric music to dream to, Robert is now best known for his collaborations with Steve Roach. But, alone he proved to be much more explorative. These Auricle cassettes are early concert recordings featuring spacious synths, flutes and natural sounds that float subtly and scintillatingly, each a great value c90. Dreamscapes to get lost in!

††† Gary Scott in Audion #5... it starts with beautiful sequencer of a seemingly simple nature that Iíve only heard Andreas Grosser do before. This is then replaced by water sounds and a superb synth flute, that reminds me of Stephan Micus at his melancholy best. The first side ends with a long section of synth of the "blanket of sound" type that Deuter and Iasos have been known to come up with - long notes, that seem to have no beginning and no end - beautiful. Other sections remind me of people as diverse as early Klaus Schulze, and Michael Brook.

Original issue: MC (Psychout Productions Psypro 001) Sweden © 1984.
Auricle cassette: 200 numbered copies - released 1/4/1987.
note: early copies were duplicated by Colin Potter at ICR on unbranded chrome tape (first black, then clear shell cassettes). Recent copies are duplicated in-house on Maxel XLII cassettes,
2xCDR: approx 20 using cassette numbered inserts - released 2016.

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