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One of my aims in life is to try and hear everything that is supposed to be good! That is in the world of prog/experimental/weird music. I wonder if I'm getting there? This list regularly shrinks and grows, and is constantly changing. As always, I welcome suggestions. i.e. anything new that I should know? Before suggesting older stuff, check my collection & other lists on this site, as I may already know it! But, you never know, I'm still amazed by some things I missed!

Excepting any listed as "Original CD's wanted of these..." I'm not after actual releases unless cheap! There are very few things that I actually want/need for myself. Generally I'm researching, clutching at straws, looking for odd missing items needed for projects. As much of this stuff is liable to be of little or no interest to us, some is sure to be rubbish, a recording/copy is usually adequate. I'm usually just interested in hearing the items below, as a download or CDR copy, and/or we can barter/swap. I like to remaster LP transcriptions to achieve CD quality in my archive, so please do not offer me scratchy vinyl rips, nor ones that are low bandwidth or not transferred directly, and especially not ones with jumps or bits of tracks missing. EX+ vinyl or better please!

Are you looking for something? Searching in vain? Why not email me: with your wants list? I have a huge archive. We may be able to come to a swap arrangement! I can swap physical CDRs, or online via flac or mp3. Or you can buy.

[r#######] = Discogs reference (paste unbracketed into Discogs search bar)
items in bold green = new additions. other bits in red = specific tracks needed
items crossed out have been located (and only remain here for my future reference)


Notes to self...

wants list on Discogs...
Amoeba Split - DIRECTO MARDIGRAS'16 (Discos Pat - 01) recent live by this Spanish band

Mario De Leo - .... PER FLAVIO .... (Not On Label - none) - 1987 cassette, a recording will do

Embryo - NEWS (Ultimate Records - none) - or a recording from the LP

Het Pandorra Ensemble - III (Modulus Records - MOD5001) - have a rip of the CD

Patrice Moullet - NYCTALOPE (Distribution Musidisc - 171 332) - or a recording

Mutual Agreement - MUTUAL AGREEMENT (Cormor Est - 0903002) - or a recording
Out To Lunch - 7.15.2000 LIVE AT YUKOTOPIA (Out To Lunch Self-Released - OUT-TL7001) - or a recording

Dave Pike Set - INFRA-RED (MPS Records 06025 2714864) - have a rip from my vg+ US MPS LP

Soma Planet - IMPROVISIONS (Griboièdov Records 100-96) - or a recording


Italian research...
Need a recording... - found: I Miei Occhi Erano Blu which is pop rock in Italian & brassy rock backing, so-so
- turns out to be m-o-r singer with some symphonic backing - not very good according to one guy on Facebook

The Black Stones - Risveglio / Mondo Nuovo, 7" Polimusic PL001 (197?) - said to be psychedelic with organ and fuzz guitar
Lydia Et Hellua Xenium - Diluvio / Conoscevo Un Uomo, 7" Radio RRS 1063 (1974) - just need the B-side, online sources that are supposedly "Conoscevo Un Uomo" are just a part of Diluvio

Mario De Leo - PER FLAVIO, MC (1978) - curious looking cassette with Riccardo Sinigaglia
Enphasy - Dopo Un'Estate / La Donna E La Star
, 7" EBC Records EC 0451 (197?) - reputedly prog - probably found
G Elvio Monti - CARATTERISTICI (Serie Speciale - Situazioni Fantascientifiche), LP Fonit C 269 (1972) - curious looking library LP [r6373889]
Mutual Agreement - MUTUAL AGREEMENT
, LP Cormorest 0903002 (2013) - excellent prog/psych based on 2 tracks heard
Octotropos - OCTOTROPOS, MC Musica Mancina MM GR04 (1991) - prog-fusion trio, it seems

Are any of the following bands/soloists worth hearing?...

Cuncti Gens Una - L'alba di Gretel / Autunno - said to be: halfway between pop and melodic progressive

Lorenzo Lazzarini - CIRILTÀ or CIVILTA ?? - LP  Red Records ZPL RE 34024 (1977) - Found on a Red Records catalogue listing, and with no mention anywhere else on the web except "Jurrasic Rock" which seems to be quoting this listing, So, seems like this was never released

Le Ombre - Il Garofano Verde / Eri Più Bella - 7" Queen City M.E. 5004 (1969)

Things I'm wanting to hear...
actual product if cheap/reasonable, or a listening copy preferably from a source ex+ or better please!

Amoeba Split - DIRECTO MARDIGRAS'16 (Discos Pat - 01) recent live by this Spanish band
Archimedes Badkar - Rumpstek (PTL 01) 1973 EP: Zeke Steppar 8:47 / Oroa Dig Inte, Det Ordnar Sig Aldrig 11:19

- I've got "Oroa Dig Inte..." track from YouTube! - so just need "Zeke Steppar"

Brigitte & The Hansen Experience - LIVE, MC Dom DOM 77-31 - if it exists!

Cheops - EUPHORIA FLIT 1985 cassette - debut cassette by UK space-rock band, a decade before their other releases I have!

Klaus Cornell - ORATORIO SPELAEOLOGICO (Jecklin-Disco 148) - curious looking Swiss album

Michel Deneuve - L'Art Du Cristal (Arion ARN 36749) performed on Baschet sound sculptures
Die Wand An - INNSBRUCK, CD (Majra Records 002)
recorded live in Innsbruck, 1982 - if ever released

Die Wand An - AN DIE WAND RAN, CD (Majra Records 002) last concert in Munich + Die Wand An EP - if ever released

Harry De Wit - APRIL '79, LP Bead Records BEAD 11 - probably not as interesting as his later stuff?

Harry De Wit - WANTIJ, LP DATA Records DATA:831 - piano / prepared piano - who knows?

Harry De Wit - TUMULT, LP De Wit 005 - looks the best bet here, between the 2 that I already have

Jacques Dudon - EROSION DISTILLÉE, Monster Melodies Records MMLP09
Electric Sandwich - LAVA
, CDR private: Lupus Fashion Production ‎- 2018 edition of unreleased 1974 Dierks studio recordings. We know two tracks from the Electric Sandwich site. We need either the CD or a full album flac or a 320mp3 rip. Heard back from web page manager after 18 months, I replied immediately. May need to wait 18 more months.

Embryo - NEWS, LP Ultimate Records (2006) - Swiss vinyl only of Berlin concert

Eulenspygel - TRASH (Spiegelei 23-707-3 U) - I have most of the 8-Track. Does anyone have it complete?

Ex Ovo - IN DER RHEIN-MOSEL-HALLE, CD private - a bootleg?

Fifty Foot Hose - KILOWATT CLUB SF 6/1/97 (bootleg?)

Fifty Foot Hose - LIVE IN SAN FRANCISCO MARCH 16, 2003 CD Anthology Recordings (2009 USA)

Gedafieth - LA LEYENDA DEL SITIO DE ZAMORA, LP private IB-CD-188 (1998) - apparently symphonic rock

Germain Hubert Ales - same, MC private (1982) non-album material

Germain Hubert Ales - LA DOULEUR, MC private (1982) non-album material

Goio - 10 REFRANES CON TRAMPA, CD private (2010) - Spanish jazz-fusion

Golem - ZORN DES SCHÖPFERS, LP Die Aqstischen Rekorde 7 (1991) - Die Aqstische Droge Und Das Überhaupt related

Gravity Adjusters Expansion Band - INSIDE OUT MUSIC, MC private (19??) -

Peter Michael Hamel - Other Voices, Other Rooms, 7" Calig CAL 17 009 (1974)

Head Resonance - FOUR VOICES, MC Transmitter Cassetten 59 (181)

Illegal Aliens - TERRITORY,  MC Hand Systems (1989) [r4683955] - Muffins related

Inserts - NO. ONE 90 MINUTES,  MC Nozzle Records (1983) [r6052537]

Kalevala - POP-LIISA SESSIONS (KALEVALA REHEARSAL SET),  from: 10LP box on Svart Records [r8384342]

Koala Bär - KOALA BÄR, MC private (1980) - have a few tracks as bonus on the Ejwuusl Wessahqqan CD

Lo Yo Yo, The / Look De Bouk - Double Dog Dare, Summer '84 ‎(Cass) Calypso Now NOW-37 1984 - just the Look De Bouk

Ralph Lundsten / Leo Nilson - MUMS - Musik Under Millioner Stjärnor, LP (Sveriges Radio RELP 5023)

Meka Cerného Humoru - MUSIK AUS CSSR, MC Independance EFA 8513 - reputedly early rare MCH Band

Missus Beastly / Bali - GERMAN SUPER ROCK / SPINATWACHTEL, Electric Bird/Vanilla Fudge ECB-XC-90.002/4 (1973)
Dan Morehouse - PATTERNS OF GROWTH, LP Spaceola Records CH-2 (1978) curious looking electronic LP

Newtone Experience - OPTRAL, LP AKN 001

Nexus - ABSOLUTELY LIVE 76 - 81 Vol 1, CD - listed on RYM and krautrock-musikzirkus

Nexus - ABSOLUTELY LIVE 76 - 81 Vol 2, CD - archives by Tuebingen band as on PROTON 1 2LP

Leo Nilson - "That Experiment H²S" - rare track from LP with Ralph Lundsten: Andromeda A3 [r3393084]

Ian Carr's Nucleus - EXIT 1971 - live VPRO Radio, at Exit, Rotterdam, Friday June 11, 1971 [r14844740] CD version or download needed
Las Orejas Y La Lengua  - EN VIVO EN LA CARBONERA
(2001) no working online sources

Portland - RENCONTRES, LP private PO 0181 MS -

Pulsar - SORROW IN MY DREAMS (bootleg) 2CD live Angers 27 January 1978

Renaissance - MUSIQUE EVOLUTION FESTIVAL, CD Galaxy GX-066 - live Le Bourget Airport, France 30th March 1970
Reportaz - WITRAŻ
( STAINED GLASS ) (MC A.R.S. 01) 1983 cassette only [savagesaints]

Reportaz - DOMATOR ( STAY AT HOME ) (MC A.R.S. 02) 1984 cassette only

Josef Anton Riedl - KLANGFELDER (Loft 1012) LP 1986 electronic?

Oskar Sala - ELECTRONIC KALEIDOSCOPE (Wergo SM 1040) LP only soundtracks collection

Skolpeople - ACCELERANDO, LP Skol Records (1984)

Rolf Schulz' Largo - BAUMSARG (private release) 1988 - if it's anywhere near as good as his previous two!

William Switzer - THE ILLUSION OF TECHNIQUE, CD (Fleece Records FL#03) quoted as Limbus like

Temple Sun - MEGAPOLIS, LP (Cameleon Records CAME 33) 2016 - master/970752


elusive singles....

Second Movement - Fool's Dance / Rainbow, 7" Castle Records CAS 027 (1976) not on "Blind Man's Mirror" [r5138201]

Two Of A Kind - What's It Worth / Two Of A Kind, 7" Cornet 5027 (1970) [r2069590]

Yggdrasil - Out Along The Highway / Tango Blackout, 7" private SYD 030 AB [r1592336]

Live/demo/session/unreleased obscurities...

Ange - 1970-05-?? ORTF / Strasbourg? tracks: Dignité, Dame Nation, Le vieux de la Montagne, Mannequin de Cire, Tout Feu Tout Flamme, Les Vieux Livres.

Ange - 1973-07-?? Reading Festival, UK

Art Zoyd - Live Á Vandoeuvre 1983

Wolfgang Dauner Et Cetera - Moers Festival, 9 June 1973 (same line-up as Live 2LP)

Embryo - 1973-07-?? Reading Festival, UK

Guru Guru - 1972-10-13 Biel, CH La Rotonde

Guru Guru - 1972-11-25 Filderstadt-Bernhausen (10 track, 81 min)

Hoelderlin - 1974-07-13 Bochum, Schauspielhaus (47m)
- Moers Festival, 11 June 1972

Jane - any quality live Jane 1971-74 (had 1973-08-09 Speedway Stadium, Scheessel which was lousy quality)

Mahjun - Grenoble 1975-05-17
Man - John Peel Session (29/08/1972) b. 12/09/1972 - 1. Come On / 2. Life On The Road

Man - John Peel Session (18/09/1973) b. 02/10/1973 - 1. A Night In Dad's Bag / 2. Ain't Their Fight

Man -  Jazz-Bilzen 1973 (Dell, Bilzen, Belgium 17 Aug 1973) - bootleg exists

Klaus Doldinger's Passport - Montreux Jazz Festival, 24 June 1972 music or video (dvd, wmv, mpeg, avi)

Michal Urbaniak Constellation - Moers Festival, 10 June 1972


Old Grey Whistle Test "in the studio" video...

Alquin - 8th May 1973 - Oriental Journey, Catherine's Wig
Alquin - 26 Feb 1974 - Dance
Can - 18/11/75 - Setting Controls For The Heart Of The Sun 7:34 - now got the audio, if only a mid-fi microphone recording from a TV, and what a track! Really need a better audio copy and I'm still seeking the video

Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come - ?/?/1973

Kraan - 24 February 1976 - Nam Nam 8'51" - Thanks Felix!

Tasavallan Presidentti - complete Old Grey Whistle Test 1974/75 (have video extracts) full footage is said to be 60m

videos (dvd, wmv, mpeg, avi) [the BBC seem to have lost all these]


German TV...

Birth Control  - Klatschmohn  - ARD  - 14.07.1973

Brainstorm  - Rhinozeros  - WDR  - 1972

Checkpoint Charlie  - Sympathy for the Devil  - NDR  - 1970

Hoelderlin  - Probleme '73  - SWF/BR  - 1973

Pell Mell  - Pop '73  -  1973

Thirsty Moon  - Diskus  - ARD  - June 1973


Radio Bremen concert recordings...

Association P.C. 03/03/1972

Contact Trio 28/02/1979

Electric Circus: Jasper van't Hof, Edward Vesala, Toto Blanke 13/01/1976

Chris Hinze Combination 19/06/1974

Sincerely P.T. 27/05/1973

Tri Atma 02/10/1978


Ruisrock Festival 1970...

Burnin Red Ivanhoe


Made in Sweden


I have the Colosseum, Kalevala (the one good track from their set), Tasavallan Presisdentti


Tonkraft Radio, Sweden...

Berits Halsband - 13/10/73, 18/12/74 (9/12/74 according to Tonkraft LP, have 1 track)

Energy - 20/4/74

Etron Fou Leloublan - 23/8/78

Kvartetten Som Sprängde - 8/9/73 - Gånglåt från Valhallavägen, Andesamba, The Sudden Grace, Ölandsshuffle

Moose Loose - 5/1/77

Piirpauke - 7/4/76

Splash - 12/3/75

Trace - 21/5/75

In fact, if you have any live video, recordings or radio sessions (of fine quality) that may be of interest, let me know!


French research: 1970/80s acts of possible interest and/or need to hear...

Osidarta - SPIRIT CIRCLES, LP Le Kiosque D'Orphée 000.424 (1980) - wobbly synths & stuff, okay


Rhea - MIDI ET QUART, LP Le Kiosque D'Orphée 80.0603 (1980) - - doesn't sound of interest

Rhea - TENDANCES HOMICIDES, LP Le Kiosque D'Orphée 830402 (1983)

Rhea - A L'INTERIEUR DU VIDE, LP private 54139 (1990) unknown prog

Abramose ‎- ABRAMOSE, LP private 808 (1975) [r1936205] turns out to be folk and not that interest based on the one piece heard?

Agartha -  Fini Pour Toi / Jacky Et Freddy, 7" private (1982) reputedly prog - 30secs at rockfrancais/sons/agarthafini.mp3 - sounds like a funky Hackett with a bad drummer and punky female vocals, so not very promising!

Aiguade - CHANSONS DES TEMPS FIGÉS, LP Baccara International BI 001 732 (1976) prog-folk?

Amalgame - LES BILLARDS VERTS, LP private AMA 30 CM 1 (1979) Apparently more Memoriance or Ange vein

Ananke - Veprabilly/C'ui Qui L'dit Qui Y'est - almost unanimously listed as jazz-rock! Musea: Quatuor de Dijon, ANANKE produit un jazz-rock technique, virtuose et teinté d'humour. Le 45 tours "Veprabilly/C'ui Qui L'Dit Qui Y Est" (1982) peut évoquer les oeuvres de Frank ZAPPA ou ZAO, tout en empruntant à Albert MARCOEUR et ETRON FOU LELOUBLAN leur fantaisie et leur goût du pastiche. It also gets listed in the French punk discography!

Giani Esposito - BOUDDHA - MÉDITATIONS, LP PES 301031 (1971) looks curious, with Serge Franklin

Alain Markusfeld - L'Epave / La Croix De Modez ‎(7", Single) Barclay 61.532 L 1972 need B Side

Alain Markusfeld - Le Gluemour / Le Requin Central ‎(7", Single) Barclay 61.812 1973 need B Side

Metabolisme - Highway Over You / Tempus - 7" FLVM 4517 (1979) need non LP single A side - b-side on LP

Sanctus - Jane / Go To Hell, 7" Studio 35 BM 66 (1973) Go To Hell = nice heavy/brassy psych prog, need A Side

Véhicule Léger - Lame De Rasoir / Nez Rouge, 7" FLVM 4540 (1980) sounds like some sort of bizarre Zeuhl based on 30sec sample of Nez Rouge at

L'Association Des Musiciens Et Artistes De Touraine Presente "live in Tours 1977" (Disques Barrier 11001) 2LP 1977 - features 4 unknowns: Les Anges Noirs / Avalanche / Deep Feeeling Blues Band / Novelo "Tandava"

Terrain Vague - POUR QU'IL TE RESTE UN PEU DE MOI (SRC 543 954) 1981 French folk, could be interesting?

Jean-Louis Vincent - RÉSONANCES, LP Barclay 90.032 (1975) may just be folk, but has some interesting musicians on it


Are any of the following bands/soloists worth hearing?...

Belle De Jour - Sustain Love/Etoiles de la Nuit - is on the French new wave discography where it says "progresif"

Distance - MOSHI, MOSHI (Mercury 6313.143) 1981 - some sort of fusion? "Melodic AOR"? [r2349214]

Dynamo - jazz-rock tinged with humour 1979

Claude Guilain -  Anita/Je Me Fais Tout Petit/ Passera-T-Elle? - m-o-r pop from 1968

Imbroglio - SAUF LA PANTOUFLE - free-jazz, ex Confluence - just need to hear a track - info: [r179589]

Jazz Virus Quartet - GROUPIE DE SANSONNET - what type of jazz?

Neophyt - Tout Seul Tous Les Deux/Le Noir - un rock mélodique dans la lignée de ICARE, bénéficiant d'une emphase vocale ...

Rackham-Le-Rouge (R 8201) Alain Gautier & others, seems to be pop

Roger La Honte - SAME, LP KI Records RLH 1112 (1983) Uppsala related w/ Serge Korjanevski, Michel Laporte

Trouble - unknown single from 1977

Yecta Plus Band (pre Flamen Dialis) same info everywhere "After releasing a 45 in England in 1971..." - anyone got it?

no matches on soulseek 8/9/18


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