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Catalogue # 199 (March-April 2023), online version

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Been busy here of late, what with mailing out the "A Fistful Of Spaghetti" book, of which only 250 copies are now left! Also, we had to cope with the hassles created by the Royal Mail strikes in December and then chaos created when all international post was halted due a "cyber attack" on the Royal Mail postal system. All this meant problem after problem. However, in spite all of that, we've been making good headway on other projects, and 2023 looks like it will be a very productive year. And, talking of being productive, we've also been busy working on our planned French music book, and have just completed Audion 73 (due on 3rd of March).

   There are many new items on this list, as always, including a few second hand titles too. Most curious of the new reissues are the new Kosmische Music ones, of which "Planeten Sit-In" is a different mix to the original, and both "Sci-Fi Party" and "Gilles Zeitschiff" feature previously unissued sections containing fragments of the unreleased Tangerine Dream & Timothy Leary collaboration "Alert!". What a surprise!

   This list is also available as a pdf and html versions on the Ultima Thule web site, and nearly all items are also available via our Discogs shop.

   Cheers - Alan & Steve.   26 February 2023.


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