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Catalogue # 200 (May-June 2023), online version

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Welcome to list 200! That's 34 years of Ultima Thule in June! And we still manage to keep on getting unique stocks and publishing regular lists. It's not as easy these days though, what with all sorts of import red tape and there being much more competition. This means in future you'll be less likely to see more well-known prog artists in our lists, and more of a focus on things others don't stock. All a matter of economics, especially as we'll both be retiring in a few years. Actually, Steve's technically retired already, but is carrying on working as he's got nothing better to do!

   Big news here is a new delivery from Italy, all very limited and selling fast! There's a new Guranfoe, and a few other new releases and reissues, plus some restocks. And, that's it for now. Enjoy!

   Cheers - Alan & Steve.   28 April 2023.

IMPORTANT: Low-risk buying scheme discontinued
Due to this service now creating more hassles for us than it is beneficial, we have discontinued the Low-risk buying scheme since the end of March. This is partly due to a lot of current CD packaging no longer being robust enough for multiple travels through the mail system, and inadequate packaging often being used to return items to us. Also, these days when one can hear most things before you buy on YouTube or Spotify (and other services) such a service has become redundant.

Ultima Thule mail-order
Steve & Alan Freeman, Ultima Thule, 21 Heather Road, Leicester, LE2 6DF
Telephone: 0116 270 2354