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Catalogue # 195 (July-August 2022), online version

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Half a year almost gone already. Where does the time go? So, it must be time for a new bi-monthly Ultima Thule sale list! The majority of the Italian imports that we got last time are sold-out, so hopefully we'll make another order soon-ish, as there are yet more new reissues on offer. Meanwhile, we've managed to get a good few new releases, and some special imports from elsewhere. So, there's plenty that's new here to investigate. But don't just look for the new items tagged # in the list, as lots of other titles are now deleted items and destined to become rarities, as are many of our own releases that are down to their last copies.

   As always, remember that the more you support us by buying stock or downloads from Ultima Thule, then the more we can set aside for ordering more new items. Also, we still need more pre-orders and donations for our Italian music book "A Fistful Of Spaghetti" see here.

Cheers - Alan & Steve.   23 June 2022.


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