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CD-R Dark Star DSC 60.018 CDR £5.00
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duration: 60'20"

1. Uxoricide  30'10"
Dibbuk  30'08"

Composed, produced and engineered by Vrije (A&S Freeman, aka Alto Stratus).
Recorded at Nekrosis Studio, Leicester (11 September 1983).

During the early 1980's you can tell we'd been listening to a lot of Throbbing Gristle, Konstruktivits, SPK and the likes, although Nurse With Wound were also a big rub-off factor for new ideas and pushing the envelope. This conceptual opus strongly featured industrial synths & rhythms, grungy/raspy waveforms, in lengthy audio head-movie like works of almost nightmarish invention!

What on earth possessed us to come up with the title: "Gravamina For Uxoricide", I don't know. I think we were shouting at the world! There may also be some deeper meaning that we've long forgotten.!
- gra·vam·i·na - Law. The part of a charge or an accusation that weighs most substantially against the accused.
- ux·o·ri·cide - n. 1. The killing of a wife by her husband. 2. A man who kills his wife.

DARK STAR: Leicester based label who've got a host of releases mainly from Vrije and Zircon and the Burning Brains. I'm reliably informed that the music is very wide ranging - anywhere from industrial to cosmic. Latest release from Vrije is entitled, somewhat romantically I feel, 'Gravamina For Uxoricide'. This is firmly in the noise generator stable and didn't really move me too much. By contrast Zircon's 'Anam' tape is infinitely more palatable. Still pretty extreme, but the wealth of sound created, although at times a bit plodding, showed a lot of promise.
[Dave Henderson's "Wild Planet" update in Sounds, November 1983]

Cassette: - released 9/1983.
Reissue cassette: - released 1/1984.
CDR - released 2010.
Bandcamp download - released 12/8/2014.

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