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MC Dark Star DS104 deleted
MC Dark Star DSC 03 deleted
available as...
Dark Star DS104 CDR 5.00
bandcamp download

reissue duration: 69'05"

1. Prelude 1'46"

2. Prozession 6'07"

3. Portrait I 1'03"

4. Shimmer 3'50"

5. Mooving Body 4'19"

6. Portrait II 1'15"

7. Untitled 1'15"

8. Portrait III 1'32"

9. Jabberwock 1'24"

10. Portrait IV 1'24"

11. Gargoyle 5'28"

12. Portrait V 3'34"

13. Welcome 8'37"

14. Portrait VI 1'17"

15. Trauma 4'39"

16. Portrait VII 3'51"

17. The Prisoner 4'57"

18. A Rain Of Flowers 1'42"

19. Portrait VIII 1'03"

20. A Cat In Kew Gardens 9'55" bonus track



Composed & produced by Alto Stratus, 9th January 1984.

Mixed through a Sharp RT10 cassette deck.

Text inspiration: track 9 Lewis Carroll, track 18 J.R.R. Tolkein.

Portraits dedicated to H.J. Roedelius.
Original cassette: (Dark Star DS104) 1984


Authentic original master transferred to digital and repaired by Alan Freeman at Tachyon Studio, Knighton Fields, Leicester in April 2019.

This reissue includes the bonus "A Cat In Kew Gardens" which was originally published on the 1984: The End Of All Songs compilation.


Reissue design by Xylem


Alan Freeman, Steve Freeman: Casio PT30 & MT68, voice, Yamaha CS5, radio, guitar, metal, echo and various sound effects


A very different early Alto Stratus that featured lots of Casio keyboards based ditties (many of them dedicated to Roedelius) alongside more unusual pieces, like the unique "Welcome" and more industrial / dark pieces.

Cassette - released 1/1984.
Reissue cassette: clam case version - released 198?.
Bandcamp download - released 20/4/2019.
CDR: numbered edition - released 1/5/2019.

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