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MC Dark Star DS110 deleted
MC Dark Star DSC 10 deleted
available as...
Dark Star DS110 CDR £5.00
bandcamp download

duration: 55'12"

1. Pôle  15'51"

2. Eskimo  3'21"

3. Machine Danse 1  9'00"

4. Machine Danse 2  3'06"

5. A Lost Cat In Kew Gardens  18'43"

6. Ending  4'57"



Recorded live in Tachyon Studio, Highfields, Leicester 9/10/84

No overdubs!

Original cassette: (Dark Star 110) 1984


Authentic original master transferred to digital and repaired by Alan Freeman, Tachyon Studio, Knighton Fields, Leicester March 2019


Reissue design by Xylem


Alan Freeman, Steve Freeman:

Casio keyboards, Yamaha CS5, Octave Cat, Moog Rogue


This was the first Alto Stratus attempt to record an album live in the studio without overdubs. For the first time (and it's rarely happened since) actual compositional ideas were established beforehand and worked out with what was capable with four synths and an additional one used as a rhythm trigger.

   The resulting album was released as a very limited edition on cassette, each with a different photo insert. The photo used here is another such old experiment, similar to those use on the original. On the cassette none of the tracks actually had titles, but were named much later when compiling the remixed / remastered Auricle Archive series of discs.

   This disc, however, is authentic to the original cassette, restored with only a few bits of drop-out repaired and levels corrected (the original master was slightly damaged at the starts of each side and the left channel on side A had slightly faded). The results are that it's never sounded so good!

Cassette (probably 20 copies) - released 11/1984.
Reissue cassette: clam case version - released 198?.
Bandcamp download - released 20/4/2019.
CDR: numbered edition - released: 1/5/2019.

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