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The Church of Sound presents



available as...
Auricle AMCDR 212 5.00
bandcamp download

duration: 67'48"

1. First Transformation 33'40"

2. Second Evolution 34'04"


Live recordings...

1. Tachyon Studio, Leicester, Monday 13 July 2015

2. Church of Sound, Lee Rosy's Tea, Nottingham, Thursday 16 July 2015



Special thanks to Jez Creek for inviting us to Church Of Sound.

Studio recording and mix: Alan Freeman. Live recording courtesy of Jim Tetlow.

Photos: Anthony Bloxham (colour), Grey Frequency (b&w)

Released 21 December 2015.


Alan Freeman: Roland SH32, Laptop (synths, sampler, sounds), spring-board

Steve Freeman: Moog Rogue, prepared loops and tapes, bowed acoustic CD


This was the first time that Alto Stratus played a gig outside Leicester. That memorable night featured live sets from: Alto Stratus, Memory Wire and a big jam of both groups together with Jez, aka The Quad All-Stars. 35 years from their inception and still on the edge, this release documents an Alto Stratus "rehearsal" session and then the actual gig 3 days later. The common elements in both pieces are a prepared backing track (some basic sample and loop patterns and a vague rhythmic texture in parts) and that each time it was played to a prepared 32 minute film (created on a computer by Alan, of which you'll find projected in the extracts on YouTube). Apart from that, the same sounds and the same feel were attempted, each piece is a different improvisation.

CD-R: 12 numbered copies - released 21/12/2015.
Bandcamp download - released 17/8/2018.

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