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The Call (extract)




available as...
Cosmic Egg UTCE 005 CDR £8.00
bandcamp download

duration: 40'11"

1. Riding  9'06"
Flute And Saz  12'48"
The Call  14'58"
A Place To Go [intro]  3'20"

Recorded live in Hamburg 29 June 1973.
Originally issued on vinyl by Tramp Records in 2003.
Licenced by Christian Burchard.

Digital transfer and first remaster 2010.
Final remaster 14-15 March 2014.
Repair and remastering by Alan Freeman.
Cover art and design by Alan Freeman.
Black and White graphics supplied by Christian Burchard.

This limited edition © March 2014.
Produced by Alan & Steve Freeman, Auricle Music, Cosmic Egg, Ultimate Transmissions.

web notes...
1. also known as New Ridin'
2. although the composition is originally titled "Flute And Saz"
    this version features many more instruments and should rightly be called
    "Marimba, Winds And Saz (and maybe a few other things)".
3. also includes a theme from "Entrances" off Rocksession.
4. fades-off due to being interrupted by the broadcast announcer.

Instrumentation quite possibly...
Roman Bunka: vocals, saz, guitar.
Klaus Götzner: percussion.
Mulah Stiletti: bass.
Christian Burchard: drums, marimba, percussion, vocals.
Mal Waldron: electric piano.
Charlie Mariano: winds.

Christian Burchard (the leader of Embryo) sent me a disc of this recording about 10 years ago with the idea that maybe we should release it on our Cosmic Egg label. Basically, my answer was "would love to if a better master existed" to which Christian told me the story of about how this release came about as an "official bootleg" LP issued by the gig organiser to mark the return of Embryo to the venues after 30 years. No mention of the venue or gig organiser that put it out. Seems that Christian has too many things to remember, and as always keeping Embryo alive is always the utmost of his priorities.
Initially then I gave up the idea. No master tape, and certainly this bootleg did not sound release quality on CD. So, a few years later, when I'd become quite proficient at the art of vinyl remastering, I thought I'd give this a go. A boost, slight EQ and enhance to bring out the fine detail, and then several passes through carefully identifying and removing every defect I could find. The results are quite remarkable, I think you'd agree, as good (if not better) than many an official major label live release of the era.
Embryo's "Steig Aus" was my introduction to their music and, although I'd never heard anything like it before, I was instantly hooked. It was my second original Brain LP - a doorway into this whole new world of Krautrock. After that came "Rocksession" another groovy trip from the same crew (Gil Funccius' cover is the inspiration for this CD artwork). So, to be able to release an Embryo album from that era is like a dream come true. Embryo have always been the single most uncompromising of bands from the Krautrock scene, and they are still going after 45 years, and they keep surprising!

Originally a private LP release on Tramp Records from Germany.
CD-R edition: Cosmic Egg UTCE 005, 20 numbered copies - released 25/3/2014.
CD-R second edition, 20 numbered copies (21-40) - released 25/4/2014.
CD-R third edition, 20 numbered copies (41-60) - released 30/6/2014.
CD-R fourth edition, 20 numbered copies (61-80) - released 30/10/2015.
CD-R fifth edition, 20 numbered copies (81-100) - released 12/10/2016.
CD-R sixth edition, numbered copies 101+ - released 21/5/2018.
Bandcamp download - released 17/8/2018.
Also available as download and new LP version from Embryo's Bandcamp site.

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