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CD-R Cosmic Egg UTCE 009 CDR sold out
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duration: 77'15"

1. Eternal Forces  17'27"
Turkish Theme  15'52"
Nana Ging  3'30"
No No No  6'29"
Cello Cello  2'39"
Slow Down  21'21"
Kurdistan  9'51"

Live in Mogliano Veneto, Italy, 3/9/1980.
Licence: Christian Burchard.
Clean-up from the bootleg CD in October 2009.
This remaster May/June 2014 by Alan Freeman.
Cover photos supplied by Christian.
Cover design, text and layout by Alan.

This limited edition © June 2014.
Produced by Alan & Steve Freeman, Auricle Music, Cosmic Egg, Ultimate Transmissions.

Christian Burchard: drums, percussion, vibes, marimba, darbouka, vocals, etc.
Michael Ehlers: guitar, saz.
Friedo Josch: flute, vocals.
Uve Müllrich: bass, rubab, electric saz, oud.
Michael Wehmeyer: organ, synthesizer, harmonium.
plus unidentified extra percussion

The early 1980's were volatile times for Embryo. The one constant, of course, was "Mr. Embryo" himself, percussionist extra-ordinaire Christian Burchard. Only that one detail was certain here! (you can read more about the "Embryo name the line-up detective game" in the CD insert)
  So, prepare yourself for one awesome gig, and one of the very last performances by this version of Embryo. There's lots of pure patent Embryo Krautrock here, tons of wicked grooves, lots of middle-Eastern ethnic spice, lots that is familiar and also quite a bit that isn't. Embryo rarely used as much electronics as you'll hear here. And it's pretty much a crazy segue of themes known and unknown. There were no titles or track indexes with the source recording, and only two identifiable Embryo compositions: Cello Cello and Kurdistan, with the others identified by what little vocals we hear. Turkish Theme actually mixes two or three different such themes previously recorded by Embryo. Seems that Christian was quite happy with my choice of titles. I recall asking Christian about the sketchy track titles on the Invisible Documents set, to which he replied something like "these Embryo performances would be very improvised and run from one piece to another, and often go many other places" meaning definitive titles would never be possible!
  A rescued piece of Krautrock history to savour then. And this from the time when  many had pronounced Krautrock dead. But Embryo never died, they kept on reinventing themself...

CD-R edition: Cosmic Egg UTCE 009 CDR, 20 numbered copies - released 27/6/2014.
CD-R edition second edition, 20 numbered copies (21-40) - released 4/7/2014.
CD-R edition third edition, 20 numbered copies (41-60) - released 30/10/2015.
CD-R edition fourth edition, 20 numbered copies (61-80) - released 20/2/2017.
Bandcamp download - released 29/11/2018.

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