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Paranoia (Jam) edit




available as...
Cosmic Egg UTCE 014 CDR £8.00
bandcamp download

duration: 59'22"

1. Road To Asia [Part 1]  5'09"
Road To Asia [Part 2]  3'28"
Muhldorf  6'22"
Old Days, Old Violinos  1'14"
Sunsinging  3'26"
Back From Africa [Part 1]  3'10"
Back From Africa [Part 2]  3'54"
Empty Pocket Blue Eyed Voices  4'16"
Every Day Is Okay  5'31"
Dawai, Dawai  2'43"
TV Story  1'33"
Political Prisoners  4'44"

Bonus tracks...

13. Paranoia (Jam)  10'16"
No Sense Of Time  3'06"

All selections composed by Christian Burchard,
except 5,6,7,9,10 by Roman Bunka & Christian Burchard.

Original release:
Produced by Gianpiero Bigazzi.
Mastered at Sunrise Studio, Kirchberg, Switzerland.
Cover design: Sergio Traquandi, Photos: Embryo.
Released on LP as Materiali Sonori MASO 012 in 1980.

This reissue:
Produced by Alan & Steve Freeman for Cosmic Egg.
License: Christian Burchard.
Remastered by Alan Freeman 2010/2016 at Tachyon Studio.
1-12 carefully restored from a copy of the original vinyl.
13-14 from a recording by Christian Burchard, thanks to Phil Burford.
Cover, notes and layout by Alan Freeman.

Track credits:

1/2. Road To Asia [Parts 1 & 2]
Edgar Hoffmann: violin, soprano sax, flute
Uve Müllrich: bass, electric saz
Michael Wehmeyer: organ, piano, harmonium
Remigius Drechsler: electric guitar
Christian Burchard: vocals, drums, synt-vibes, percussion
recorded September 1979

3. Muhldorf
Roman Bunka: electric guitar
Uve Müllrich: bass
Butze Fischer: drums
Michael Wehmeyer: organ
Christian Burchard: electric vibes, vocals
recorded June 1977

4. Old Days, Old Violinos
Edgar Hoffmann: violin
Roman Bunka: saz
Uve Müllrich: bass
Christian Burchard: drums
recorded Summer 1975

5. Sunsinging & 10. Dawai, Dawai
Roman Bunka: guitar, electric saz, vocals
Dave King: bass
Christian Burchard: marimba, drums, vocals
recorded live Autumn 1974

6/7. Back From Africa [Parts 1 & 2]
Roman Bunka: electric guitar, bass, vocals
Christian Burchard: keyboards, drums, percussion, vocals
recorded June 1973

8. Empty Pocket Blue Eyed Voices
Roman Bunka: vocals, percussion
Dieter Miekautsch: vocals, percussion
Uve Müllrich: bass
Maria Archer: vocals
Christian Burchard: clavinett, drums, percussion, vocals
recorded Summer 1975

9. Every Day Is Okay
Charlie Mariano: alto sax
Roman Bunka: electric guitar, bass
Christian Burchard: drums, vocals, keyboards
recorded 1974

11. TV Story
Hansi Fischer: flute
Edgar Hoffmann: sax
Ralph Fischer: bass
Alfred Jones: guitar
Christian Burchard: drums
recorded Autumn 1970

12. Political Prisoners
Uve Müllrich: bass
Michael Wehmeyer: piano
Burkard Schmidl: synthesizer
Roman Bunka: guitar
Christian Burchard: drums, vocals
recorded live Summer 1978 at Porta Westfalica festival

13. Paranoia (Jam)
Edgar Hofmann: sax
Ralph Fischer: bass
John Kelly: guitar
Christian Burchard: drums, percussion

recorded 1969 in Paranoia-Center, Ungererstr., Munich

14. No Sense Of Time
Edgar Hofmann: sax, flute
Ralph Fischer: bass, lead vocals
John Kelly: guitar, vocals
Christian Burchard: drums, percussion, piano, vocals

recorded 1969 in Paranoia-Center, Ungererstr., Munich

This limited edition © November 2016.
Produced by Alan & Steve Freeman, Auricle Music, Cosmic Egg, Ultimate Transmissions.

This collection of classic Embryo oddments only ever appeared as a release from the Italian label Materiali Sonori. They issued it on LP in 1980, and it was never an easy one to get outside Italy. By the time Materiali Sonori did get international distribution via EFA in Germany and Crammed in Belgium and the UK the LP had already become a rare collectable. Meanwhile the tapes and been lost and they reissued it on CD as "Every Day Is Okay" MASO CD 90039 in 1992 as a direct vinyl transfer with no remastering from what sounded like a "vg" copy, crackle and all. Naturally that CD never sold well and only got one pressing, also becoming a rarity.

Two decades on I tried to talk Materiali Sonori into reissuing it again from my newly restored version, but they didn't seem interested. Maybe they lost money with their CD version? Later I asked them about a license for a Cosmic Egg edition, in answer to which they directed me back to Embryo's Christian Burchard who instantly answered "No problem for your proposal. Go ahead!"

As a whirlwind tour through the first decade of Embryo this Anthology is an essential addition to the collections of all Embryo fans, especially in that it documents some rare line-ups and many compositions unheard anywhere else, and now it has the best sound possible plus some very rare obscure early bonus tracks!

Originally an LP: Materiali Sonori maso 012 - released 1980.
Reissue on CD as "Everyday Is Okay" by Materiali Sonori MASO CD 90039 - released 1992.
Remastered CD-R edition, Cosmic Egg UTCE 014 CDR, 100 numbered copies - released 24/10/2016.
Bandcamp download - released 29/11/2018.

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