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Crashes In Amber Liquid

Qing Zang

Dream Temple

Anarchy In The System



available as...
Ultimate Transmissions UTCD 006/7 13.00
bandcamp download

duration: 150'57"

disc 1...
Crashes Into Amber Liquid 22'18"
2. Qing Zang 12'20"
3. The Dream Temple 42'15"

disc 2...
1. Paranoiac-Critical Solitude 10'33"
2. From The Depths Of Chaos 18'58"
3. An Orange Pink Psychosis 9'00"
4. Anarchy In The System 35'19"

Recorded at Tachyon Studio (13 October & 10+16+30 November 1999).
Mixed by Jim Tetlow at Tachyon Studio (18 February 2001).

Alan Freeman: synths, guitar, tape loops, gadgets, voice.
Steve Freeman: synths, guitar, voice, turntable, mouth organ, tambourine.
Jim Tetlow: synths, guitar, voice, tapes, loops.


Amongst the most vividly engaging to date, almost a mystical experience, destined shudder the senses. The Zen aura of "Qing Zang" contrasting starkly with the dark psychedelic feel of "An Orange Pink Psychosis" - and then there are the big pieces!

Disc 1 is subtitled "the really deep cosmic one" and that it is, with the opening "Crashes In Amber Liquid" setting a vague melodic focus against a dark uneasiness, all with phenomenally deep dimensions. Take note of the message on the cover: Warning - this is a full-frequency recording! "Qing Zang" sees us emulating Monks chanting on the misty plateau in Tibet. Unique! And then we have the grand opus "The Dream Temple". No guessing with the inspiration behind the title, as there's definitely Tangerine Dream and Ash Ra Tempel elements in there, yet this takes us somewhere so strange and vivid that it sends shivers right down my spine!

Disc 2 gained the subtitle "the psychedelic twisted one" because it almost totally ventures to new Endgame territory, with the focus on guitars. "Paranoiac-Critical Solitude" scuttles like nothing I've heard before, and "An Orange Pink Psychosis" (in particular) is really scary when played loud! And, I'm sure, no-one will expect the ending to "Anarchy In The System".



From the increasingly prolific trio Endgame comes this latest double CD. Recorded over 4 sessions during October & November 1999 the 7 tracks here represent just a snapshot really of their work in progress. (Improvisation seems to me to always be ever developing, to be work in progress). In assembling the pieces for this album Endgame have labelled each disc with a separate subtitle. So let's start with disc 1. "The really deep cosmic one" - (by which I take it they mean deep as in distance rather than claiming to have found the meaning of life!) is made up of 3 tracks ranging from 12 minutes to a meagre 42 minutes! An obvious influence/similarity here is the dark semi abstract soundworlds of Lightwave. Endgame have that same sense of space & movement. But I also kept thinking of a much earlier sound, that of the improvisations of Amon Duul 2! Just in small sections, but it's there. Whatever, there is that same style of exploration going on. With a touch of danger. "The psychedelic twisted one" - is made up of 4 pieces going from 9 to 35 minutes. (I'm less sure that the subtitle works here - but never mind). The music while still having much in common with the first disc does tend to the more avant-garde, more like Morphogenesis - another acknowledged influence. But I can spot bits that remind me of Les Vampyrettes or the Moebius & Plank track Solar Plexus say. I could go on - but I think you get the idea really. This is improvised music that is well aware of where it's coming from. It's improvised music with an agenda & game plan. No it's not random noise or sound, it has a structure even if each piece didn't set out to have one. Endgame are going into it all with their eyes open - one on the past, one on the future & one on the present! [Gary Scott - from Audion 45]

2xCD: 500 copies - released 18/4/2001.
Bandcamp download - released 16/8/2014.

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