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The Big Freeze

An Intermittent Shudder

Tread Carefully




available as...
Ultimate Transmissions UTCD 009/10 £13.00
bandcamp download

duration: 151'35"

disc 1...
The Big Freeze  28'00"
2. Tread Carefully!
    Just Looking  6'54"
A Little Pussyfooting  11'27"
Standing At The Precipice  7'33"
More Pussyfooting  5'55"
Stepping Into The Abyss  15'12"

disc 2...
An Intermittent Shudder  22'15"
2. An Unexpected Attack Of Ferocious Nanites  47'07"
3. Atomsmasher/Cyclotron  7'10"

Recorded at Tachyon Studio (1-3/2000) & mixed (28/10/2001) by Jim Tetlow.

Steve Freeman: analogue synths, samples, guitar, turntable, voice.
Alan Freeman: synths, guitar, loops, turntable, voice, gadgets.
Jim Tetlow: Sound Canvas, guitar, radiator, loops, voice, tapes.

"Tundra" reveals itself as strangely icy, vast and panoramic, notably the cracking ice of "The Big Freeze" and the otherworldly barren "Tread Carefully" with its ghostly reimaginings of Fripp & Eno. After the intense cold of "An Intermittent Shudder" we find ourselves on an inhospitable alien planet, confronted by its insatiably hungry inhabitants. And that's not all...

Einmal mehr im kosmischen Kurierdienst sind die Freeman-Bros. Alan & Steve unterwegs zusammen mit Jim Tetlow und wie immer mit Synthesizern und Gitarren, Tapes, Loops und Samplern bestens ausgerüstet fur bis zu 47-minütige Weltraumspaziergänge und für die frostigsten ('The big Freeze') und glühendsten Environments ('Atomsmasher / Cyclotron') bei ihren 'Forbidden planet'-Erkundungen. Immer ihrem Neugier- und Sehnsuchtshorizonlt folgend, immer auf der Suche - nach Terra Incognita, der verlorenen Zeit, dem ultimativen Kick, dem kosmischen Phönixei und ich bin mir sicher (sonst wären sie keine Engländer), sie wissen ziemlich gut, dass 'kosmisch' von 'komisch' nur em kleines s unterscheidet - die kleine Schlange', mit der aller Space und Spaß beginnt.

Once again in the cosmic courier service are the Freeman Bros. Alan & Steve along with Jim Tetlow and as always with synthesizers and guitars, tapes, loops and samplers best equipped for up to 47-minute spacewalks and for the frostiest ('The big freeze') and most glowing environments ('Atomsmasher / Cyclotron' ) on their 'Forbidden planet' explorations. Always following their curiosity and longing for desires, always on the lookout for Terra Incognita, lost time, the ultimate kick, the cosmic Phoenix egg and I'm sure (otherwise they would not be English), they know pretty well that 'cosmic' distinguished from 'weird' only a little s - the little snake ', with which all space and fun begins.
[Google translated from Bad Alchemy]

Out of all the myriad musical outfits operated by British brothers Alan Freeman and Steve Freeman–authors of The Crack in the Cosmic Egg krautrock book and Audion experimental music mag–Endgame is by far my favorite. For nearly two-and-a-half hours, the appropriately titled Tundra floats a seemingly endless barren soundscape across the listener’s frontal lobe. It’s a very cinematic affair, offering the mind’s eye a heady stew of distant ambience and heavily reverberated atmosphere. Droning synths, fuzz guitar, barking dogs, disembodied voices, orchestral smears and plenty of other highly processed, layered and looped sound effects ebb and flow and occasionally coalesce into a swelling mass of extremely pleasant dream state electricity.
Compared to Alan and Steve’s irreverent and dada-inspired band, The Newt Hounds, Endgame is much more, dare I say it, “mature.” But that doesn’t mean you have to be a washed-up elderly porn star confined to a wheelchair to appreciate it. In fact, you can be young and fully clothed–or proceeding along quite nicely at any stage of life–and still enjoy Tundra’s many-splendored elegance. The front cover artwork and design are equally pleasing, as well. Highly recommended.

from the webzine Arcane Candy

2xCD: 500 copies - released 22/2/2002.
Bandcamp download - released 19/9/2014.

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