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Auricle AMCDR 072/73 £11.00
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duration: 132'06"+

disc 1...
My Twisted Toy  8'42"
2. Leaking Cerebral Matrix  8'30"
3. Die, Stupid!  2'23"
4. ?*%+!!!  0'33"
5. Redrum Si Gnimoc  3'39"
6. Celestial Collision  1'54"
7. Die, Stupid!  1'28"
8. The Inevitable Fake Ligeti  6'19"
9. All The Latest Gadgets And Appliances Unite...
    Ignite... And Are Here For Your Convenience  25'24"

disc 2...
Mental Machine Music  1'40"
2. Spray  9'33"
3. Duck, Sucker  1'37"
4. I Met Myself Today  0'19"
5. The Church  8'53"
6. Die, Stupid!  2'13"
7. Psychotic Tinkle Syndrome  5'56"
8. Gestalt  2'51"
9. Erupting Glass Lullaby  9'09"
10. Die, Stupid!  5'46"
11. My Twisted Toy (reprise)  3'40"
12. Ruins  3'32"
13. Crimson Gremlin Seminar  5'59"
14. Die, Stupid!  1'59"
15. Eclectic Timepiece  3'49"
16. Keep Away Michael!  3'54"
17. ?*%+!!!  0'30"
18. Are You Ready?  1'18"

Recordings from the following sessions: 11 & 25 April 2001, 14 & 27 June 2001,
19 & 30 December 2001, 2 January 2002.
All 2001/2002 material recorded at Tachyon Studio and later mixed by Jim at home.
Endgame song & vocal improv 27 July 2005, recorded at Tachyon Studio by Alan.
Compilation, mix/edit & montage creations March-August 2005 by Alan Freeman.

Alan Freeman: synths, guitar, voice, loops, cut-ups, metal, wood, springs, gadgets.
Steve Freeman: synths, guitar, bass, voice, loops, tapes, turntable, cymbal.
Jim Tetlow: Sound Canvas, guitar, voice, percussion, loops, tapes, bells, toys.

An eccentric and diverse collection of oddments. If any Endgame release could be compared to the eccentric Dada of Nurse With wound then this is it. The material here has specially been chosen because of its perilous balance between the outrageous and its fiendish creativity. This mammoth 2CD set amounts to a plethora of surprising musics, much wider-ranging than the usual Endgame sound (if there is such a thing). So, if you fancy some avant-garde that's also fun, some Kosmische that's also weird, some rock that's not... ??!!! And, what's more - you don't have to be schizophrenic to enjoy it!!!

2xCDR  - released 6/2005.
Bandcamp download - released 16/8/2014.
Routenote distributed download - released 12/4/2019.

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disc 1 also includes a special 50mb PC CD-Rom, with:

1. Endgame song (wav) audio 0'12"
2. Effects montage (wav) audio 2'02"
3. Tachyon Studio (avi video) film 0'26"
4. Zircon Game (avi video) film/audio 1'18"
5. Zircon Game (avi video) film/audio 1'20"
6. Scanner Game (slide show) 1'34"
+ cover art, galleries, web pages, etc...

two example screens from the CD-rom (click to zoom)

YouTube rom video demo
This YouTube video is a screen capture video with live and added audio showing the rom in use.
If you purchased the download, you can request the rom as a free zip file.


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