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CD-R Auricle AMP3 CDR 001 deleted

duration: 17 hours

with selections from...
Avatar, Bioplasm, Catalyst, Cryptic Triptych, Cupola, Cytoplasm, Ectoplasm, Endangered Species, Endoplasm, Engaging Providence, Euphoria, Fluxion, Fragile, H2SO4, Hexed, Ich Bin Schizophrene, Metabolism, Nucleoplasm, Paradoxe, Protoplasm, Shipwrecked, Slideways, Surreal Ethereal, Toxic - Do Not Open!, Troubled, Tundra, Walkabout. Plus 4 hours of Endgame, extracts from: Stretched Across The Sea, Early Stasis & Treppenhaus cassettes, & what were previously unreleased: A Faustian Farmyard (1 track), Khaimara (2 selections), Kontakte (complete album), Petri Perplex (1 track)

Special mp3 format disc
This disc will not play on older normal CD players! To play this disc you may need to load it into the CD-Rom drive of a mp3 ready computer, or use some other device such as an mp3 compatible DVD player or suitable multimedia system. Apparently most modern CD, DVD and BlueRay players will also play mp3 discs such as this. You can also easily copy the files to your iPod or similar device!

CD-R: approx 25 copies - released 4/2005.

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