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Icefall (By Extension)
Their Gaze Falls Upon Us



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Auricle AMCDR 241 £8.00

duration: 59'05"

1. Intro 0'46"
Icefall (By Extension) 5'40"
Ring, Part 4 10'10"
Vice Versa 7'45"
Their Gaze Falls Upon Us 4'36"
Folded Into Place 5'06"
Chemical Soup 20'19"
No Sleep For You 3'45"
9. Outro 0'31"

Auricle Selection by Hadley Kahn & Escapade


Rehearsals, outtakes and unreleased recordings 1996 to 2004.

Recordings from rehearsals at Smash Studios, NYC: July 7, 1996 (1,2,8);
August 10, 1996 (9); and May 18, 1997 (3,7)

Studio recordings at Mother West Studios, NYC: Feb. 2, 2002 (4); circa 2003/4 (5,6)

Track 4 was recorded for the various artists compilation CD, "Tryptaphonic Mind Explosion" but not submitted.

Tracks 5&6 are outtakes from "But Distractions Abound" sessions.


Transferred, edited and compiled by Hadley Kahn.

Mastered by Alan Freeman at Tachyon Studio, November 2016.

The original minidisc for the session of May 18, 1997 ("Ring, Part 4" & "Chemical Soup") indicates that there is some instrument switching between Paul Hilzinger, Joey and Hadley. However, it's not clear at what points in the music the switching takes place or who is playing what when it occurs.

Special Thanks to Steve Matzura, whose still-functioning Minidisc player made possible a resurrection of the rehearsal recordings.


Front cover: Hadley Kahn.

Design and layout: Alan Freeman.


Christian Doscher: guitar (2,8)

John Ortega: processed bass (2,8), bass (3,7), processed piccolo bass, effects (4), electronics (5)

Joey Murphy: bass (2,8), guitar, percussion, drums (3,7)

Paul Hilzinger: Roland synth, feedback generator (2,8), Moog synth, drums, percussion (3,7), Moog synth (5)

Hadley Kahn: drums (2,4,6,8), drums, Moog synth, guitar, percussion (3,7), out-of-tune autoharp (5)

Paul Casanova: guitar (4)

Rob Giffen: guitar, effects (4), guitar, guitar synth, processing, loops (6)

Russell Giffen: bass (4,6)


Whilst rummaging through some old demo and promo cassettes a few years back I came across a tape marked "Escapade Sessions 1&2 February 1996" which I customarily archived to digital along with lots of other stuff in the Ultima Thule collection. So, recently when re-establishing contact with Escapade's Hadley Kahn, I suggested that maybe those recordings should be released. He correctly pointed out that two tracks had already been released, and he didn't think the rest of the material was up to scratch. So, I then suggested the idea of an unreleased archives collection, after which various other sessions were rediscovered and Hadley came up with this exciting new collection of diverse tracks.


Nice Exposť review here

CD-R edition: 20 numbered copies - released 1/3/2017.

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