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Electroacoustic Experiments
Ambient Synthesis medley



available as...
Auricle Archive AMACDR 006 5.00 last copies
bandcamp download

duration: 73'47"

Phase 1: Electroacoustic Experiments
Hydrosphere extract 4'56"
Melish Poulaudy 1'08"
Elevated Psyche Factor #1 extract 8'07"
Opening Up Agitant On Titan 5 2'33"
Known, But Not Found Part 1 4'14"
Imagery extract 3'40"
Machte Drei 1'37"
Elevated Psyche Factor #2 extract 2'45"
Closure Inside 2'48"

Phase 2: Ambient Synthesis
Depart 1'36"
Transfix 7'25"
Pursuit 4'33"
Xylem 23'10"
The Secret Tunnel 5'00"

Recorded at home & at Tachyon Studio (January 1983-March 1986).
Taken from A.C.F. Time Shift (Musiques Nouvelles MN 010),
Xylem: Xylem (Syzygy ZC 60.013), Revision (Syzygy ZC 60.017),
Predator (Dark Star DS 210), Elephants Pursued By Flying Men (Dark Star DSC 07) & Dark Corridors (Dark Star DSC 16).
Compilation, remix & digital transfer by Alan at Tachyon Studio (March 2001).

Alan Freeman: home made electronics, turntable, collage, loops, voice, synthesizers (Yamaha CS5, Moog Rogue, Octave Cat), keyboards (Casio PT30 & MT68, Siel Orchestra 2).

In the late 1970's I started to work on sound experiments with my brother Steve. We'd found a common interest in experimental music, and were eager to try things for ourselves. During the later days of working as Vrije (1983) I recorded a number of experimental solo works. I would secrete myself away, experiment for hours and hours on end with headphones on, pillaging texts from films and radio, experimenting with real-time audio splicing, making cassette loops and trying all manner of bizarre techniques in sound manipulation. Teaching myself meant that I entered a unique world of sonic exploration: Industrial music, sound poetry, and particularly "classical" avant-garde. I really tried hard to conjure up the dense sound-fabrics of Stockhausen's "Hymnen, Region 4" for instance, by layering orchestral records into dense slabs of swirling sound. Also, a broken hand-held cassette deck made a wonderful vocal modulation device, enabling me to create bizarre sound poetry. I must admit that I was also inspired by Steve's solo experiments. Whilst I did a week's jury service he advanced in directions different to myself, he recorded under the name Scorpio, also working with sound layering of classical records and much more in the realms of borrowed text collage.

At this time I worked under the name Xylem (plant tissue that conducts water from the roots of a plant to its branches, leaves, etc.) as an enigmatic nom-de-plume. All this was in parallel to work with my brother Steve in Vrije and Alto Stratus, and Zircon & The Burning Brains with the ever enthusiastic and eager to listen Nigel Harris. I brought what I learned solo into those projects and vice versa. Increasingly, I learned of a different way of working, moving more towards a dark atmospheric synthesizer based music, first revealed on the tape "Elephants Pursued By Flying Men", the enigmatic "Dark Corridors" (which unfortunately is much too hissy and muddy to be cleaned-up successfully, therefore only one track is included here) and ultimately with "Mezzosphere" (available as a separate CDR release).

CD-R - released 3/2001.
Bandcamp download - released 23/9/2014.

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