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Strange Visions Inside A Cellar



available as...
Auricle Archive AMACDR 007 5.00
bandcamp download

duration: 69'49"

1. Xenophile 1 2'09"
Necronomicus (excerpt) 8'16"
Xenophiliac 0'44"
Strange Visions Inside A Cellar 16'13"
Xenophile 2 2'04"
Mechanical Bent 2'00"
Kriegsmaschine - Teil 1 (excerpt) 7'19"
Kriegsmaschine - Teil 2 8'34"
Festering Stranger In Transit (excerpt) 10'45"
Search In Confusion 11'36"

Recorded at MN Studio (January-April 1983).
Taken from SF.1 Xenophile (Musiques Nouvelles MN 011),
Scorpio: Vox Populi! (Syzygy ZC 60.016), Conduct Unbecoming
(Syzygy ZC 60.014) & Tredje (Dark Star DS 211).
Track 6 from Multum In Parvo (Musiques Nouvelles SPCMN 001) sampler.
Compilation & digital transfer at Tachyon Studio (21-30 April 2001).

Steve Freeman: turntable, loops, tapes, sounds, electronics, effects, voice, synth.

My interest in producing music was initiated after purchasing a copy of Lou Reed's "Metal Machine Music" album. I thought, after listening all the way through this album, "I could do something like that!" Having no instruments whatever I chanced upon an effect that could be created by wiring up an ITT cassette recorder incorrectly. This produced an electronic pulse that could be manipulated by holding the wires - body controlled electronics! Along with radio and a pocket calculator I proceeded to do some experiments that have unfortunately been lost.

After playing some of these early experiments to my brother Alan, we decided to pursue things further with the project Holy Atheist (formed around July 1977 in Loughborough). The tapes we released around this time gained very mixed reviews and therefore, after moving to Leicester, we decided on a more "musical" approach and a new name in Vrije (later renamed Alto Stratus). Around this time, Alan decided that he would also like to do some work on his own. So, of course, I thought compelled to do some solo work alongside our collaborations. This led to the release of one cassette under the name SF.1 and five cassettes under the name Scorpio. My most successful release "Cataclysm" has been reissued in its own right (AMCDR 005). The collection you are holding comprises material from the other releases.

The tracks from "Xenophile" were mainly created using tape loops and records played slow or backwards. Thus, they have a very mechanical feel and texture. The "Mechanical Bent" work was based around texts recorded from The Archers (if I remember right) radio series over an electronic pulse created on the ITT cassette recorder. I found the original 10 minute version of this to be far too long and therefore did a 2 minute remix. "Vox Populi!" was a 60 minute onslaught depicting a nuclear war, a pre-cursor in a way to the later "Cataclysm". Quite a heavy going work, I decided to just include two short pieces from "Vox Populi!" here. "Festering Stranger In Transit" is a cyclic synthesizer pulse based piece that I decided to remix, adding more layers using delays from the original track. The result is more dense and what I originally intended, but didn't have the equipment in 1983 to do so. Further extracts from "Conduct Unbecoming" can be found as a bonus on the CDR release of "Cataclysm". "Search In Confusion" is a remixed segment from side 2 of the cassette "Tredje" (the Swedish word for "Third"). This is the most industrial section of this release - so, you've been warned!

Well, I hope that you enjoy this release. I certainly enjoyed making it!

Steve Freeman

CD-R - released 30/5/2001.
Bandcamp download - released 28/9/2014.

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