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Steve Freeman
experimental electronics & sonic art/collage


Always a sound explorer, much more an enterprising dabbler than musician, my brother Steve has only occasionally worked solo. To quote "I prefer to work with others..." he's often said. Yet he has made a few solos that are quite original, engaging and groundbreaking in their own way.

Besides working in Alto Stratus & ZBB, Steve also made a number of cassette albums in the early/mid-1980's, largely exploring weird electroacoustic and industrial musics. Steve's focus was often conceptual, and he attacked his subject matter with zeal. The "Scorpio" anthology has lots of buzzing electronics, crashing percussives and weird collage. Steve is also particularly fond of the post apocalyptic genre of sci-fi, and the finest of his solo sonic fables was "Cataclysm" a bleak concept work, based on the apocalyptic TV drama "Threads" and sonically relates to the spooky realms of Throbbing Gristle or The Residents' "Eskimo".

During the early days of Endgame Steve went on to develop a whole new style of sonic exploration, which resulted in his 2001 solo "Conundrum" a unique mixture of adventurous recycled/systemic electroacoustic creations, often using techniques in the realms of Steve Reich's "Come Out" phasing experiments, but done in an altogether weirder/dense fashion, and further on to Faustian tonalities, with nods to Nurse With Wound, Organum, and such-like. The resultant concoction is unique, and extremely bizarre.

Numerous other projects have run in parallel, alongside Alto Stratus and Endgame, like the occasional The Newt Hounds studio project and live with Escape Route, with Steve's unique tape-loop and CD recycling work a key factor in the innovative and prolific Triax and the hybrid project Extremities. Sonic contortions of the bowed "acoustic CD" and a battered broken cymbal, screeching and wailing through bizarre effects, are yet more of his trademarks, especially live. Not only does it look good, the sounds created are quite unearthly.

Like myself Steve has been a regular at nearly all the Improv Electronic and Quadelectronic events to date, and is constantly an uncompromising foil for others to play against, helping keep the weird edge alive and inspire others to take up the challenge!


SF: XENOPHILE ‎- MC Musiques Nouvelles MN 011 (1983)
SCORPIO: VOX POPULI - MC Syzygy ZC 60.016 (1983)
SCORPIO: TREDJE ‎- MC Dark Star DS 211 (1984)
SCORPIO: CATACLYSM - MC Dark Star DS 214 (1984), CDR Auricle AMCDR 005 (2007)
SCORPIO - CDR Auricle Archive AMACDR 007 (2001)
CONUNDRUM - CDR Auricle AMCDR 010 (2001)

unique Steve Freeman tracks on various artists releases...
 A BREEZE OF TIME - MC Auricle AMC 005 (1986) track: Cataclysm [Remix]
 BIJOUTERIE - CDR Auricle AMCDR 024 (2003) track: Weekend
 ¿DRONSZ? - CDR Auricle AMCDR 038 (2004) track: Manhattan Hondo
 ALTO STRATUS: LIVE @ BAMBU - CDR Auricle AMCDR 103 (2007) track: My Link Is Long

Steve Freeman also features on the following Endgame live discs...
LIVE VOL. I - CDR Auricle AMEGL1 (2001) track: Accordionizer (Incomplete)
- CDR Auricle AMEGL3 (2001) track: Tapes & Wires
- CDR Auricle AMEGL4 (2001) track: Radiophonic Mamma
- CDR Auricle AMEGL7 (2002) track: Let’s Go And Have Tea

Also, lots of duo/trio, etc. collaboration work at Quadelectronic, including one solo piece.

Steve Freeman in Audion - see: Alto Stratus, Endgame entries


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