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Mysterious Island extract
Nautilus extract




MC Auricle AMC 018 deleted
available as...
Cosmic Egg UTCE 012 CDR £8.00
bandcamp download

duration: 46'02"

1. Mysterious Island  22'54"

Peter Frohmader: synthesizers, Rhodes piano, acoustic piano, percussion, 12 string acoustic guitar.

2. Nautilus  23'06"

Peter Frohmader: synthesizers, Rhodes piano, metal tubes, springs.

Composed, produced, recorded, cover painting, and
all instruments played by Peter Frohmader.
Recorded at Nekropolis Studio, Munich, 1982.
Issued under license from Peter Frohmader (Nekropolis).
© 1986 by Auricle Music.

Release history...
Originally released on cassette by Auricle Music, England (Auricle AMC 018) in February 1987 as an edition of 200 planned copies.
It was presented in a standard cassette case with a black printed insert with a photo sticker on the front. The tapes had self-adhesive labels and were duplicated by Colin Potter at ICR studio.

A German multi-instrumentalist who grew up during the Krautrock era and created a musical genre all his own as "Nekropolis", inspired by 1970's bands like Amon Düül, Can, Kluster, the unique fusion of Magma (Jannick Top's bass style), classical and electronic musics. Peter's Nekropolis music is dark, often surreal, vivid, and even nightmarish experience, although highly musical. This is the darkest and most vivid of his 2 Auricle tapes, with thick layers analogue and digital synths, arpeggios, and complex developments, in two lengthy vivid 'picture music' excursions. This remastered CDR limited edition is even more vivid and powerful, revealing hidden detail originally lost via cassette duplication.

original cassette review...
...the two tracks here are sonic interpretations of Verne literary works. "Mysterious Island" is a cyclic exploration of synthetic territory that develops in a very eerie fashion. Synths serve as a backdrop for some surprising acoustic guitar and piano themes ... ultimately fusing with the electronics into a swirling sea of sound that climaxes with a startling apocalypse. "Nautilus" on the other hand is more purely electronic  and atmospheric, like an aquatic voyage to the bottom of a sonic sea.
[by Archie Patterson in Eurock]

Cassette: 140 copies approx - released 2/1987.
CD-R first edition: 20 numbered copies - released 20/10/2014.
CD-R second edition: 20 numbered copies (21-40) - released 1/10/2016.
Bandcamp download - released 29/11/2018.

Cassette copies can be duplicated to order at £5.00 each

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