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David Hindmarch
electroacoustic music, electronics & sound-manipulation in INA-GRM tradition.

review extract from Audion magazine...

Dave Hindmarch I've known since the early-1990s, as a customer in the UT shop and as a musician. Dave is a very enquiring type, and the UT shop was a Godsend to him being blind, in that I could usually come up with the type of music he's after, or suggest new things he's never heard of.

As a musician, he's always been full of surprises. I first saw Dave live in a duet with The Rain Garden's Carl Peberdy, as The Marshmallow Maelstrom, which was certainly one of the most intriguing live improv gigs I've ever been to. After that he also joined Carl for a while in Shapeshifter playing synthesizer (the role I then took over). In those days he largely played a digital synth/keyboard, and his major musical taste was progressive rock. Since then he's broadened his outlook after getting into more seriously avant-garde and electroacoustic music, which is the field that David himself now works in.

Being blind, I guess Dave has an advantage in the perception of sound, and much less to distract him. Some of the works featured are like sonic films, others mangle the sonics so extremely that any relation to the source material is lost. Listening again to it whilst writing this, I can see a lot of Trevor Wishart influence, and a comparable underlying tongue-in-cheek humour rears up here and there. To review the different tracks wouldn't be easy, as it all tends to fit together rather well as a huge album jigsaw, which can make it feel almost like one big suite. So, in all, a surprising debut indeed. And, he's already come up with a sequel!


THE DEVIL'S WAVE - CDR private (2004), Auricle AMCDR 179 (2011)
THE LONG TRICK - CDR private (2006), Auricle AMCDR 289 (2018)

unique David Hindmarch tracks on various artists releases...
DEEP WIRELESS 7 - 2CD New Adventures In Sound Art (2010) work: Homespun
work: Golden Bowls

David Hindmarch reviews in Audion - #51/32, #52/10


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