David Hindmarch
electroacoustic music, electronics & sound-manipulation in INA-GRM tradition.


Performance / events documented on the web...

3  March 2007: BEAST Invisible Art, CBSO Centre, Birmingham - work: "Reach"
25  May 2007: BEAST Vanishing Point, CBSO Centre, Birmingham - work: "Hollows and Rounds"

25 Years of BEAST (Birmingham ElectroAcoustic Sound Theatre)
7–10 January and 8–9 March 2008, Birmingham UK: University of Birmingham.

The celebrations took shape in the form of six concerts which were spread over two weekends in early 2008. The pieces programmed were a combination of “classics” and newly composed works from BEAST composers, old and new. The first four concerts took place from 7–10 January 2008 at the George Cadbury Hall in Birmingham. A new venue for BEAST and somewhat smaller than the usual venue, the system consisted of 60 channels encompassing different loudspeaker arrays for the performance of stereo and various multi-channel configurations. Concert 1 was presented in conjunction with the RNIB (Royal National Institute for the Blind), the sponsors of David Hindmarch who is a current postgraduate at the university. The programme comprised music by Hindmarch and works by current BEAST composers Annie Mahtani and James Carpenter. [from: https://econtact.ca/10_3/report_beast25.html]

18 December 2008: Threep, Studio 3, Steim, Amsterdam - Chris Cousin, Stu Smith, David Hindmarch "Bathysphere"
6 March 2009: MTI & BEAST Exchange @ DMU, PACE studio 1, Leicester - work: "Nature Room"
6 May 2009: Sight, Sound, Space and Play, PACE studio 1, Leicester - work: "Altered Materials"
27 January 2010: Leicester ElectroAcoustic Sound Team (LEAST), St Andrew’s Church, Leicester
6 March 2010: 20 Years of empreintes DIGITALes: Sonic Fingerprints, CBSO Centre, Birmingham - sound direction of: Natasha Barrett's "Industrial Revelations" (2001)
22 May 2010: Sonic Arts Forum Conference, University of Huddersfield - unnamed acousmatic work (octaphonic files)
2 June 2010: Sight, Sound, Space and Play, PACE studio 1, Leicester - work: "Jetsom-Sounding"
31 July 2010: Festival Inventionen 2010, St. Elisabeth Kirche, Berlin - work: "Nature Room"
27 August 2010: Leicester ElectroAcoustic Sound Team (LEAST), Phoenix Square, Leicester - work: "Nature Room"
22 October 2011: Super Sonic Festival, Birmingham - work: not specified
2012: 12th Sonic Arts Forum, Leeds University - work: "Chain of Spectres"
31 January 2013: The Drama Studio, De Montfort University, Leicester - work: "Lost And Found"


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