Audion #28

June 1994 A4 40 pages

- Red Lion Hotel, Whitney 26/2/94
(Spanish ambient/ethnic/experimental label)
- Collected Works Of...
- Chance Meeting At The Rock 'N' Roll Station
THE SOUNDWORKS EXCHANGE - Goethe Instiute, London
- Charlotte, Leicester 25/2/94
- Pump & Tap, Leicester 18/2/94
- Part 2: Germany
- Electronic Music Of The Space Age
- Sunreturn Revisited
- The John Cage Page

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"Chance Meeting At The Rock 'N' Roll Station"

Out of all the bands to emerge out of the indie, industrial, new-wave scene, Nurse With Wound have always been the most outlandish, experimental and extraordinarily innovative. As such, Nurse With Wound cannot be classified or pigeon-holed in any way, a bizarre counterpoint between rock, the avant-garde, and almost everywhere else as well! After many years of trying to organise an interview with Steven Stapleton, the creative core and only consistent member of Nurse With Wound, we finally managed to arrange a meeting in March this year, whilst he was in London organising new Nurse With Wound and Current 93 releases.

At our friend Clive Graham's home, we chatted about various things: recent musical discoveries, and the like. And, of course, we were all most curious about the latest Nurse With Wound album: ROCK 'N ROLL STATION. To this, Steve announced that he'd got a CD-R of the final mix, but he never warned us as to how startlingly different it was! I'll review that later on, and hopefully I'll be able to be a bit more objective than we were upon first listening, with exclamations' like: "well, it's the first Nurse With Wound ambient-house album", or "very techno, probably go down well with the weird ravers", but basically neither Steve, Clive or I really knew what to make of it on first listen. Maybe this is what Steven Stapleton wanted, to create the shock of something radically different and unexpected. But, I don't think he expected our reaction... 'You don't like it? Well that's a bummer isn't it! Too late to change it now!'

It was strange to start an interview on that note, but there was lots to talk about, and we recorded over 2½ hours revealing lots of interesting things about the history of Nurse With Wound and about Steven himself: his ideas, his life, his aspirations. Present at the interview were: Steven Stapleton (SS), Alan Freeman (AF), Steve Freeman (SF) and Clive Graham (CG).


SF: When we first met in 1979, you'd just finished recording the first Nurse album. So how about a bit of background on that era, like where did the title come from?

SS: I think it was a quote from Max Ernst. Was it Max Ernst? No, it was Loetremann. It was just that John (Fothergill) liked the title and I liked it and we both came across it independently, and he said to me 'What shall we call the record?' and I said 'Chance meeting on a Dissecting Table of a Sewing Machine and an Umbrella'. To which he said 'God, that's amazing, because I thought the same thing!' So that was it.

SF: Where did the three of you meet?

SS: I'd known Heman (Pathak) as a friend of my younger brother for ten years before I had him as a friend myself. John I met wandering around a record shop one day with his mother, and I thought 'What an eccentric looking guy', and he picked out a record from a rack which was one I desperately wanted to look at. And it went from there, we chatted...

SF: So, whose idea was it to form a group and do an album?

SS: I was working in a studio, sign-writing, and I got talking to an engineer about doing strange, avant-garde music, something a bit odd. And he said he'd love to. So, it was then I thought I could maybe come in and do something. So, I asked him about sessions and he said I could have cheap hours in the evening. So, I immediately rang up John and Heman, my close friends, and said 'We're in a band!' The next day we went into the studio for one day - the first time we ever played together - and we made CHANCE MEETING...

Article / interview by Alan & Steve Freeman