Back in the early 1990's Steve designed a snazzy Nurse With Wound T-Shirt called "The Newt Hounds".
Earlier than that, when Steve was planning the SYLVIE & BABS HI-FI COMPANION we (Alan & Steve Freeman) were amongst the many invited (due to Steve liking some of our early experimental tapes under the guise of ZBB and Vrije, aka Alto Stratus) but being financially destitute at the time we never made it. We thus eventually cooked up the idea for a project of our own called The Newt Hounds, and here's the info...

The Newt Hounds present "The Poignant Device"

CD Ultimate Transmission UTCD 008

Could this be an irreverent homage to Nurse With Wound?
...or is it a Dadaist/surreal musical vision of the world of B. Kliban?

The Newt Hounds...
Steve Freeman, Alan Freeman (electronics, effects, sound construction, editing, guitars, voice, percussion, etc.)
El Monte: violin, Arnie: percussion (courtesy of Volcano The Bear)
Maureen: voice (courtesy of Shapeshifter)

1 Schmaltz 0:35
2 Sewer Rat 9:25
3 A Severe Lack Of Oil 0:32
4 Into The Fire 0:20
5 Wit Who Runs Nude 5:45
6 Mamma's Got A Brand New Dada 1:29
7 Behold - The Poignant Device 3:26
8 Fragments Of Time 0:51
9 A House Well-stocked 13:04
10 An Elusive Exit 0:55
11 Psychedelic Underground 5:43
12 Never Creek Unless You Have To 0:32
13 Beggars To Disaster 2:28
14 Ensnaring The Siren 6:15
15 Orifice Bldg. 2:14
16 Fuelling Banjos 2:00
17 Spiral Stars & Decay 4:40
18 Millennium Dome 2:55
19 Primitive Accountants 2:02
20 Kerrang! 3:20
21 How They Get Watermelon! 1:21
22 You're Joking! 0:20

Created, performed and recorded by The Newt Hounds at Tachyon Studio, Leicester, 1 January 2000 to 20 February 2000, and 30 October 2000, with further edits and mix-down November 2000. All music composed by The Newt Hounds, lyrics by Alan Freeman.
Digital sound construction created with PC Sound Recorder and Wave Edit. 4 track digital recording on a Fostex FD4.
Cover by Alan Freeman (front and rear based on a B. Kliban drawing).

More info, including a new CD with 99 tracks in 78 minutes!