This is an "Audion Supplementary Publication" issued as a special limited edition to coincide with the Nurse With Wound interview "Chance Meeting At The Rock 'n' Roll Station" in Audion #28. See Audion page.

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Every endeavour has been made to ensure that information within this publication is correct. The whole publication in its near final form was vetted by Steven Stapleton himself, who acknowledged that it was as complete as it reasonably could be. There may thus however be a few contributions to cassette compilations omitted, as even Steven Stapleton himself lost track of it all at one point! The analysis of the Nurse With Wound list, may not be accurate from Nurse With Wound's own view-point, as it based on our experience and findings, as well as on comments by Steven Stapleton and John Fothergill.

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Some minor errors crept in to the Nurse With Wound interview in Audion #28.

Here are the ones we've noticed so far...
Page 7 (paragraph 5)... The name "Loetremann" should read "Lautréamont", he was a writer much quoted and used by the Dadaists.
Page 8 (paragraph 2)... "GMBG & CO KG" should of course read "GMBH & CO KG" !
Page 10 (column 2, paragraph 13)... The name "Tweak Jameson" should be "Twigs Jameson".
Page 11 (paragraph 19)... The Annie refered to, of course isn't Annie Lennox, but is Annie Anxiety!
Page 12 (last paragraph)... The latest album Steve referred to was actually ...BLAZING STARRE.
Pages 12 & 13... Steve says that where we put in the word 'pans' it should actually read 'tones'.
Page 11 (paragraph 1)... Apparently Diana asked Ertha Kitt if she would like to 'sing on' her friends new album, not 'see' it.


A Nurse With Wound riddle answered...

Thanks to Richard for giving me the right clues to finding this. Ever wondered where the NWW "Registered Nurse" text came from? Well it was a 1960's US sketch show by Mike Nichols and Elaine May, a skit called Mike Nichols and Elaine May Examine Doctors, and here's the link...

And the complete LP can be found at...

- yes - he's the Mike Nichols of "Catch 22" fame