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Eye Of The Storm




available as...
Auricle AMCDR 248 £7.00
bandcamp download

duration: 54'38"

1. Another Morning  6'42"

2. Eye Of The Storm  10'23"

3. Guernica  5'27"

4. Blodwen (The White Rose)  4'15"

5. Speaker  7'41"

6. Prometheus  8'36"

7. Arqvid  4'02"

8. Nuclear Meltdown  7'16"

    The End - ?


Recorded at home studio between June 1987 and January 1988.
Mixed and mastered at Apex Recording Studio Cardiff,
December 1987 to February 1988,
with Tim Stebbing on 4 and Greg Truckell on 7.
Grateful thanks to Tim, Tim and Greg and all at Apex.
For Mum - The White Rose.
Original cassette art: Design- K. O'Neill. Graphics- T. Morgan,
MC Kevin O'Neill K06 1988

This CD remaster by Alan Freeman at Tachyon Studio 10 February 2017.
Tracks 1-6 sourced from the "Omega 8" CDR release.
Tracks 7-8 from a copy of the original cassette,
transferred to Digital by Jack McCafferty.

A much more introspective outing from Kevin, with some gentle whimsy and romantic elements, plus a couple of collaborations with special guests. Some obvious art and sci-fi dedications, and a totally stunning finalé make this an ideal entry point for those wanting a balance of light and dark in more manageable smaller pieces.

Original issue: MC (K06) - released 1988.
CD-R: 20 numbered copies - released 15/3/2017.
Bandcamp download - released 21/11/2018.

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