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Auricle AMCDR 259 £7.00
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duration: 73'03"

1. Katharsis Part 1  4:34

2. Silhouettes  7:37

3. Katharsis Part 2  5:13


4. 'T' With Gregor (Parts 1-4)  7:26


    Cziltang Brone

5. Scrith  2:53

6. Cziltang Brone  4:52

7. Ringworld  5:11


8. Saraband  8:28


9. Fortinbrasso  3:26


10. Scar Tissue  8:12

11. Gypsy  4:53


12. Katharsis Part 3  10:02


All tracks recorded by Kevin O’Neill at home using OSCar, Ensoniq VFX & Roland JX-3P synthesizers,
except: 2 & 4 recorded with Greg Truckell in Dumfries using Yamaha DX7, Yamaha TX81Z, Kawai K1 & Roland D110 synthesizers, plus Ensoniq Mirage & ESQM synth/samplers, under manual & composer control.
Track 6 recorded with Leif Keane in Cardiff using ESQM; Yamaha CX5; Korg MS20 & Feedback Techniques.
Mixed & Mastered at Grassroots Studio, Cardiff with Paul Durant, except 2, 4 & 8 mixed in Dumfries.
Cover photograph: Warren W. Morris. Original release co-ordinator: Peter Harrison.

This reissue licensed from Kevin O'Neill.
Original cassette transfer supplied by Jack McCafferty.
Attempted clean-up, repair and remaster by Alan Freeman at Tachyon Studio.

Please note: Unfortunately the original master no longer exists, and only old slightly faded/aged cassettes were available. This is from the best of 3 sources located, all of which were low and with drop-out, and whilst I did my best to repair it not all the hiss could be killed on this without ruining the overall sound!

A much more reflective and melodic release from Kevin, this also features collaboration from two other synth artist of the era. This is one for late night or ambient low level listening.

Original issue: MC (Direction Music DMC 09) - released 1990.
CD-R: 20 numbered copies - released 3/5/2017.
Bandcamp download - released 21/11/2018.

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