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Blod (extract)




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Auricle AMCDR 280 £8.00 stock: last 11 copies 6/12/2020

duration: 52'41"

1. Overture  5'37"
2. Act I  18'06"
3. Act II  13'40"
4. Act III  15'10"

Composed, performed, recorded, mixed and produced by Clothearz.
Recorded February-August 1988 in The Library, Rancid Terrors Studio, Otley.
Originally on Poultry Productions PP9 © 1988.
All graphics by Clothearz. Layout by Xylem.

Mackeral 'rub-it' Cloth & Risotto Drake:
acoustic & electric guitars, fretted &
fretless basses, violin (with Szigeti bow rosin),
Moog Prodigy monophonic synthesizer,
Korg MS-10 monophonic synthesizer,
Yamaha VSS-100 sampling keyboard,
plastic tube, Premier drums, Paiste cymbals,
milk bottles, saucepans, coins, cutlery, mugs,
scissors, squeezy bottle, egg whisk,
wind chimes, television, voices, etc.

Effects & devices:
D-80 microphone, Realistic PZM microphone,
2x Yamaha RSD 20 digital delays, Arion stereo
chorus, Washburn flanger, Dod distortion,
Arion stereo metal master, Boss octaver, Bell
automatic double-tracker, Maine 100 watt bass
amplifier, Carlsbro 25 watt bass amplifier,
Peavy & Electro-Harmonix leads, etc.
Recorded on a Fostex X-15 mutlitracker
Mastered on a Goodmans SCD110 tape deck


...subdivision of Rancid Poultry) Clothearz have attempted in BLOD to do a concept album - a rather silly story (that I won’t detail here, else it would ruin the fun) that doesn’t really intrude into the music much, rather the music is more of a sonic reflection of the events said to happen. This is experimental electronic rock and weirdness, full of invention - everything, including the kitchen sink, has a purpose here! If you like the idea of "industrial" music coupled with psychedelic and avant-garde rock, check this out. from Audion magazine #10, page 20 (Nov. 1988).
    All I can add to that is that (having not heard this for over 20 years) is that I was surprised that my review was all true, although I don't say anything there about the climactic finalé, which has to heard to be believed. So, the extraordinary Clothearz back-catalogue goes out with a bang! A shame they never did a sequel.

Original issue: MC (Poultry Productions PP9) - released 1988.
CD-R: 20 numbered copies - released 1/11/2017.

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