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Auricle AMCDR 199 7.00
bandcamp download

duration: 70'52"

1. Looking Back 2'39

2. Losing Track Of Time 3'13

3. Sunflower 1'49

4. The Walled Garden 5'49

5. The Homesick Sailor 3'01

6. Chandrayaan 4'42

7. Global Dimming 1'53

8. Drive Out The Serpents 3'36

9. Fanfare Dress In Acid 3'27

10. Are You An Apple Tree? 1'36

11. Butterflying 2'41

12. Fair Isle 1'36

13. Anaxagorus 4'13

14. 'War-Painted' Gecko 2'45

15. Leaf Stricken 2'19

16. Sun Dog At Fallstreak Hole 3'13

17. Innocence Stolen 2'20

18. Infinite Fog, parts 1 and 2 3'15

19. Frozen 1'52

20. Do You Fear The Snake? 0'58

21. Dark Night Stop Taunting Me 8'33

22. Sunset Sometimes 2'22

23. The Truth Will Out 2'58


Recorded by Dave Powell to 4-track during the month of October 2013.
Transfer to digital 27/10/2013, master and pre-edit 28/10/2013
Additional editing/mastering 1/11/2013, 13/11/2013
Digital scissors and tools: Alan Freeman.
Cover art by Dave, produced during November, 2013. Insert by Alan.

Dave Powell: kantele, baglama, flute, symphony (hurdy-gurdy), dulcimer, cello, bowed psaltery, kalimba, cutlery, pens, washing machine, microphone, cereal bowls, wine glasses

17 copy edition. Card cover with a unique hand-painted front image!

A slightly weird, or is it wyrd ?, acid folk 'Faust Tapes'. Approximately 23 pieces all linked together to make one 70 minute work.
Cover notes: The title of this album comes from an article I read in The Guardian newspaper regarding hundreds of new species of animals and plants discovered in the Amazon rainforest in the last few years. A thumbnail-sized type of poison dart frog was found to be living in a part of the rainforest that has been earmarked as an area for tourism in the near future. So just at the point of being discovered it could disappear. Hence, the little frog was given the name Allobates Amissibilis or, in English, 'That May Be Lost'. It's almost like a Greek tragedy. As I thought some of the album had a contemplative feel, 'that may be lost' seemed an appropriate title.

CD-R: 17 numbered copies - released 3/12/2013.
Bandcamp download - released 1/1/2019.

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