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A Circus of Impossible Myths




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Auricle AMCDR 203 £7.00
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duration: 69'40"

1. Minding My Mind's Eye  23'44"

2. Lila Nebel  23'33"

3. A Circus of Impossible Myths  22'18"


Recorded at home in Redditch on a Tascam 4-Track Portastudio
between the end of January and late February, 2014.
Analogue to digital transfer 28 February 2014.
Mix and mastering 28 February & 7 March 2014.
Technician: Alan Freeman, at Tachyon Studio, Leicester.
Produced by Auricle Music, March 2014.
Original cover drawings by Dave Powell.
Layout and design by Alan Freeman.

Dave Powell: Gretsch Guitar, Kala U-Bass, Flute and Percussion with the help of a Zoom GFX-8 Guitar Processor and Cry Baby Wah pedal

20 copy edition. Each with a unique hand-painted front insert!

The first I knew of this (then upcoming) album was when Dave emailed me about an album he'd just completed with three long meditational Krautrock inspired works, all with suitably enigmatic German titles. His notes included "Things played just before and during the recording of this album: Guru Guru's UFO, Amon Duul II's Tanz Der Lemminge, King Crimson '73 bootlegs, Pre - Dark Side Pink Floyd, Zendik Farm Orgaztra's Danze of the Cozmic Warriorz, various Bevis Frond albums."
Of course, everyone perceives music differently. The overall feel that came across in this music to me was the French Pôle label explorers of the mid to late 1970's, like Verto, Fluence, and especially a feel like an understated "Inside The Dream". If I do detect anything Germanic, there's a hint of Para Dieswärts Düül and Deuter's Aum.
Influences aside, this is mostly the unique art of Dave Powell, avoiding his patent hurdy gurdy altogether, for a deep bath of sonic esoterica, melting the mind and senses...

CD-R: 20 numbered copies - released 2/4/2014.
Bandcamp download - released 2/1/2019.

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