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Bacillus Records
Body & Soul label
Brain label
BYG Records LP pressings
ECM CD pressing
French Cobra label
Coloured Rain label
Eigelstein label
Exil label
Germanofon label
Gratte-Ciel label
German Harvest EMI Electrola LP pressings
Hexagone LP issues
UK Island LP label timeline
Disques JMS > JMS > JMS.
LTM / Les Tontons M'Ecoutent / Celluloid
Magma 2LP on Philips
Ohr original LP releases
Ohr Today label
Peters International: Cosmos
Pilz label dates
Psi-Fi / Pyramid labels
Riskant pressings
Saravah pressings / label design
Sky Records
Spalax / Ohr / Pilz CD - first editions in cardboard sleeves
Stall-Studio label
Ugum Production label
UK United Artists labels
UK Virgin LP pressings

Alan's Discogs lists...
The Krautrockers guide to retro-Kraut NDW
My favourite Sky releases
My favourite eclectic ECM albums
Zeuhl collection
Audion 58
Of Cuckoos And Scrambled Eggs
UK synth/ambient
Audion UK Top 100 (1967-80)

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