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The Scanner Game - Musici, artwork by Alan Freeman

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In Warmer Times



CD-R Auricle AMCDR 053 deleted
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duration: 74'18"

1. In Warmer Times 14'13"
2. I Suppose So 18'15"
3. A Strange Twist 7'15"
4. I Tend To Get Through Here 16'23"
5. Sorry About That 5'45"
6. I Feel Like A Change 12'13"

Culled from 2 very long impromptu improvisations, recorded live at The Musician pub, Leicester, 20 January & 3 August 2004.

Minidisc recording & initial transfer by Chris Conway, with processing by Jim Tetlow (January recordings). Final edit and mix by Alan Freeman, September 2004.

Steve Freeman: live and prepared looping, turntable, guitar, voice.
Jim Tetlow: keyboard, sound canvas, guitar, voice, samples, tapes, gadgets.
Alan Freeman: guitar, synthesizers.
Chris Conway: keyboards, synthesizers, theremin, flutes, vocals, kalimba.
Andrew Fitzsimmons: congas, percussion.
Mick Oxtoby: electric violin, guitar.

Culled from the first 2 "Improv Electronica" collaborative gigs in 2004, this CD presents unique live jams by the 6 musicians of Endgame and The Planet Scanners (then unnamed, but since dubbed The Scanner Game), that add up to a total pan generic mixture of styles. Being purely free improvisation the mixture of styles is wide ranging, from the cosmic and weird, via strange Dadaist connections and conflicts, on to some space ethnic jazz and even some powerful synth rock. The 2 huge jams worked great as live pieces, but for an album, it was decided that the best choice elements could be better arranged to make a cohesive album of smaller morsels. The results sound like album that could have been intentionally composed, yet it all came together by chance!

CD-R - released 17/9/2004.
Bandcamp download - released 20/9/2014.

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