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Apricot Brandy




MC Auricle AMC 017 deleted
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Auricle AMCDR 021 £8.00
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duration: 45'52"

1. Gam Jam  21'05"
Apricot Brandy  12'35"
Fur Elise Und Alice  11'55"

Recorded in Günter's Cellar, Berlin (1976).
Remastered by Alan Freeman (13 May 2002).

Günter Schickert: guitar, vocals, trumpet.
Axel Struck: guitars, vocals.
Michael Leske: drums, percussion.


An impromptu GAM session recorded in Günter's cellar on a ghetto blaster in 1976. It so blew me away, that I insisted we should release it on cassette, despite the fact that the recording quality wasn't brilliant. Günter said "okay" and it went on to sell reasonably well for a mere "official bootleg" cassette.

The 3 tracks that make up GAM 1976 are full of invention, notably the huge "GAM Jam" in the spirit of early Ash Ra Tempel or Pink Floyd's "Interstellar Overdrive", with walls of echo guitars, bolstered by power-drive drums and deranged vocals. "Apricot Brandy" is a radically different version of the Schickert "Samtvogel" classic, whereas "Fur Elise & Alice" has to be one of the cleverest classical adaptations you'll ever hear.

Since acclaimed as one of the best kept secrets of Krautrock (or, words to that effect) by Julian Cope, who as much as insisted that we should put it out on CD. With the CD remaster, I retained the raw edge to keep its character, subtly enhancing its power and clarity. So now everyone can witness that Krautrock was not dead after 1975, it had just moved underground again!


original cassette review...

GAM: 1976: This is a real treat, a live in the studio session by Gunther Schickert and Axel Struck on guitars with Michael Leske on drums ... three long tracks, it sounds like a cross between the 1st Ash Ra Tempel album and Gunther's two solo albums. Powerful music propelled along by dual guitars and driving percussion, the sound literally takes off into cosmic space.
[by Archie Patterson in Eurock]


Wah Wah's LP reissue review...

After the big success of our reissue of Günter Schickert’s amazing Samtvogel LP we present another of his projects, GAM – on which he joined Axel Struck and Michael Leske. A powerful trio of mind-expanding krautrock sounds formed in 1973, they recorded their first sessions in 1976, improvising directly to tape in Schickert’s basement – but these weren’t released until 1986, originally in cassette format – reissued some years later on CD. The sound of GAM 1976 differs a bit to that of Samtvogel. Obviously, this is a band effort delivering their guts in a one take session, while on Samtvogel Schickert was playing all the parts, layering one after the other using the sound on sound facilities of his reel to reel recorder. Here, instead, we have an energetic echo charged jam that takes us through different atmospheres and moods, a hidden gem in krautrock’s cosmische history legacy.
[by unknown]

Cassette (various editions) - 148 copies approx - released 1986.
CD-R (various editions) - released 2002.
CD-R revised numbered edition with printed disc - released 20/4/2016.
LP edition from Wah Wah Records in Spain - released 2017

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