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Sepp Oben Ich Unten




available as...
Cosmic Egg UTCE 002 £11.00
bandcamp download

duration: 42'36"

1. Tropfstein  3'40"
Sepp Oben Ich Unten  7'40"
Geige  4'50"
Demons  5'25"
Wilderness  5'50"
Verlass Mich Nicht  6'30"
Ich Bin Ein Teil  8'20"

Recorded at CCC Studio, Berlin Spandau (1978).
Restored & edited by Alan Freeman (May & December 2002).
© 2005 Ultima Thule.

Günter Schickert: guitar, vocals, trumpet.
Axel Struck: guitars, vocals.
Michael Leske: drums, percussion.

An album that was almost lost forever. The producer absconded with the mix-down, and the studio mislaid the multi-track tapes, only a first generation cassette survived! You won't believe how good this CD sounds (okay, there are some slight anomalies in the sound effects backing track used on one piece, and a rogue click elsewhere that refused to be removed, but I'm finicky), it's nonetheless a roaring sizzler! "Eiszeit" amounts to a solid and revolutionary Krautrock album, even a quarter of a Century on, notably with the Guru Guru and Can edges turned inside-out, and each track a new invention, not least so the "songs". Themes from GAM 1976 are heard here, sometimes out of context with their original setting, welded into more complex hybrids. This lost piece of Krautrock history is a jewel from a time when most Krautrock had died or sold-out.

Record Collector 348 review...
Lost gem of the post-Krautrock era…

“If it weren’t for yours truly, the editors of this publication, it is quite likely that GAM would have remained a mere footnote in Krautrock history.” Thus, Alan and Steve Freeman of Leicester’s Ultima Thule shop describe this trio made up of Axel Struck (guitar/ vocals), Gunter Schickert (Guitar/ trumpet/vocals) and Michael Leske (drums) in their compelling CD-ROM encyclopedia of Krautrock, The Crack In The Cosmic Egg.

GAM secured a record deal in the mid-70s but, apart from live work, these 1976 recordings were not released, and the Freeman brothers stepped in 20 years later to issue the music on cassette and CD. As you might imagine, the musical explorations are pure psych-Krautrock, but with gorgeous overtones of modern electronica. The modern throb and textured beauty of Geige passes too fast at a mere 4.50, and it’s amazing to realise that no synthesizers or keyboards are employed on the techno throb of Sepp Oben Ich Unten, whose wordless vocals are a texture of the music. Although the nonsensical chanted lyrics will make you quickly tire of Demons, every other track is a delight. All told, a fantastic release for fans not only of Krautrock, but experimental music anywhere.

4 stars Reviewed by Ian Shirley source

CD (500 copies) - released 19/4/2005.
LP (Dirty Knobby DK-017) USA © 2015.
Bandcamp download - released 29/11/2018.

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