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Sine Wave
cosmic & experimental, electronics, Mellotron, guitars, etc.

Sine Wave is the unlikely moniker for a very diverse and inventive multi-instrumentalist, a musician with decades behind him as an avid collector of prog, synth, Kosmische and Krautrock music. He has apparently worked in a much more wide-ranging field than you'll hear on his Auricle releases, which are targeted to those that love instrumental music involving guitars, synthesizers and Mellotron.

Dave Eveson lives in Mellotron country, and you'll find lots of Mellotron on his debut, with a collection of tracks that largely reminds me of music by French 1970s pioneers, stuff on the Disjuncta and Pole labels, i.e. Heldon, Verto, Besombes, et al. Ilitch, Fripp & Eno, and Edgar Froese are also good pointers. Related to that you'll also probably detect some instrumental old King Crimson traits as well. But the Sine Wave angle is different. On the second disc you'll find the focus is largely changed towards synthesizers, and although some of the same comparisons could be quoted, there's a much more Teutonic feel here, more tangerine Dream influence notably, although it never just "sounds like". Although instrumentally similar his 3 releases to date each explore different aspects, with more short sketches on the debut, a diverse range of styles on the 2nd, and just 3 big excursions on the third one, showcasing Teutonic influences more.

Like the name Sine Wave, Dave Eveson is surprisingly quite a common name. He is not to be confused with a Seattle photographer, nor a doctor at Leicester University Hospitals, nor the head of Eveson Petroleum! ... and, no he's not the guy behind the Celluloid project, even though some of Sine Wave music is a bit like that, no Celluloid was an American. He, Dave Eveson that is, contrary to what one person thought, is not an incognito creation out of Quadelectronic either!


SINE WAVE 1 - CDR Auricle AMCDR 138 (2008)
SINE WAVE 2 - CDR Auricle AMCDR 157 (2010)
ZEITMASCHINE - CDR Auricle AMCDR 186 (2012)

Note: the above are currently only available as download from Bandcamp. The physical disc releases are deleted pending artwork reformatting. New CDR editions are possible if there is the demand.


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