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Peter Tedstone††
experimental recordings by the UK synth artist

Always an explorer, Peter Tedstone ran through a wide range of styles on his earlier releases before jumping on in leaps and bounds when he made use of the then new sampling technology. Here is a report on our first encounter with his music...

Lotus Electronica 1986 Part Two
September 13th, at The Gatehouse Theatre, Borough Hall, Stafford

Pete Tedstone - We were told he was at his best when resembling other people, but he doesnít really resemble anyone else we can think of here. This set consisted of music that was simple and tuneful, obviously he wasnít going to take too many risks on what we presume was his first public performance.
††† All the 5 pieces were quite different, both in pace and style. Take for example the opening number - a gentle off-beat melody accompanied by a very lazy drum rhythm, which changes carefully into a more tribally percussive piece, nice and different; or the second piece Amber, which opens with an avant section of ring-modulated sounds building up into quite a racing drum and sequencer work-out; or the third track, a repetitive tune that never seems to get anywhere.
††† Based on this experience one canít really be too enthusiastic about Peteís music, however he does show that heís got promise, and at least heís doing something different.
from the event article by Alan Freeman in Audion 4

After this, with encouragement from people like ourselves, Kevin O'Neill and Peter Harrison, Peter Tedstone then changed focus considerably with the tape "Interact", and then made three cassettes that were quite unlike anything else. These were received very well at Audion and gained most favourable reviews (see the individual release pages here), but in that they marked the end of Peter's cassette releases (he took a break afterwards, returning to music making a decade later) they have remained lost and almost forgotten by most since then. So, in the spirit of promoting adventurous music, Auricle have sought out these releases, remastered them (well, more enhanced and repaired as good as is possible) and put them out now as CDR and download releases, all with official consent of Peter himself.

cassette discography...

Eve Of Dawn (PT 01) 1983
Visions Of The Forest (PT 02) 1983
Prismatic (PT 03) 1984
Reflections (PT 04) 1985
Amber (PT 05) 1986
Ionosphere (PT06) 1987
Interact (PT07) 1988
View (PT 08) 1989, reissue: Auricle AMCDR 310 © 2021
Adventure In Algiers (PT09) 1989, reissue: Auricle AMCDR 311 © 2021
Ten To Strange (PT10) 1989, reissue: Auricle AMCDR 312 © 2021

tracks on various artists releases...
Remote Viewing - MC Network 23 Box 001 (1986) track: untitled
Syntrax 2 ‎- MC Syntrax No.2 ‎ (1987) track: Amber
U.K. Electronica '86 - The Final Front-Ear ‎‎- MC Lotus Records ‎ (1987) track: Amber
The Dream Is Just Beginning ‎‎‎- MC ††††† Electronical Dreams 002 1988‎ (1987) track: Strangelands

Peter Tedstone articles and reviews in Audion - #


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