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It All Made Sense...



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Auricle AMCDR 104 7.00 last copies
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duration: 79'21"

1. Do Androids Dream Of Electric Fish? 44'34"
It All Made Sense Like Never Before 20'25"
We Couldn't Hear The Dogs Barking
Or, "Look At That, Very Nice" 14'22"

Recordings of the Triax sets from "Improv Electronic" nights at Bambu, Leicester, 29 January & 21 March 2007, collated and repaired by Alan Freeman, 12/15 April.

Alan Freeman: guitar (with effects, violin bow and gliss), Roland SH32 synthesizer, Roland guitar synth, bowed spring-board, prepared sounds
Steve Freeman: guitar (with effects, violin bow), acoustic CD, prepared sounds, tapes and loops, Moog Rogue synthesizer
Dave Powell: hurdy-gurdy, flute

Triax "live" is an on-the-edge unfathomable beast, trying to do as much as possible, and creating a big sound with as little equipment as possible! Basically it's Dave as soloist, Steve on drones and sounds, and myself on gliss and keyboards. There's much more to it than that of course! Here are Triax sets from two live improvisation nights at the Bambu bar.

An evening with Alto Stratus & Triax - Bambu, Leicester - by Peter Smith
This was the third (I think) in a series of events hosted by Chris Conway and friends at a smallish club in central Leicester, this sort of event really does depend on the support of the individual in order to survive, and as such, with packed lunch in one hand, and British Rail ticket in the other, I got on board...
The venue itself couldn't have been better, comfortable seating, a great sound system, and seemingly no licensing curfew, added to this the fact that it was little more than a stones throw from the UT shop I was kind of expecting a good sized crowd in attendance Ah well, you cant have everything I suppose, but those who did make the effort were treated to around two hours or so of some of the finest improvised sounds around, added to this the most oversized tropical fish aquarium known to mankind, a rare treat indeed for the inner ear!
Things kicked off with "possibly one or two numbers" from Alto Stratus, well, they got that one wrong, but what we had in its place was 45 minutes of one of the darkest, most unearthly journeys that its possible to make without the aid of medication, legal or otherwise. what was really special was that the instrumentation was kept to a minimum yet still the magic shone through, for a moment or two there we were down in that bunker with German Oak although of course this was Leicester and not Dusseldorf.
After the shortest of breaks it was time for Triax to take the stage, I guess if anything their set reminded me more of Dangerous Playground era material rather than their more recent explorations but it suited the event perfectly, once again we were treated to a 45 minute excursion in sound, this one quite possibly entitled "Do Androids Dream Of Electric Fish?" (or possibly not...).
As if this wasn't enough the group brought proceedings to a close by bowing to the demands of a by now wildly enthusiastic audience, and producing a "ten minute" (yeah, right!) short encore, possibly entitled "Improvisation For Squeaky Air Hockey Machine" Beginning in deepest space this one seemed to twist and turn like nothing before, best part for myself was the interplay between Hurdy-Gurdy and Bowed guitar, I've never really "got" the dronework stuff that Tony Conrad produced, upon hearing it I was always expecting something more, and suddenly, this was it, a pure tonal barrage of sound, overwhelming and yet, strangely alluring at one and the same time, this was where it all made sense like never before, I realised how limiting the studio can be for something like the sonics produced by Dave's Hurdy-Gurdy, you have to be there, to actually feel as well as hear it, this is what makes a live event so utterly unique.
Improvised music live: its a little like walking a tightrope without the benefit of a studio safety net, and by its very nature frequently contains both highs and lows, both a necessity really and almost interdependent upon each other This evening however, the highs most certainly shone through. When, for example, Dave switches from Hurdy-Gurdy to Flute there's a dramatic shift in the whole proceedings, almost empathetically the three musicians move as one along a strange hollow corridor of sound, truly magical.

CD-R - released 4/2007.
CD-R second edition - released 6/4/2016.
Bandcamp download - released 20/9/2014.
Routenote distributed download - released 29/3/2019.

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