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video clips

before the gig

2 Bows, 17 Strings &...

Kartoffel Folket Nr.4

Look At That... Wandering Nomads

Embryo... Invisible Orchestra


LIVE 080308

available as...
Auricle AMDVD 006 5.00

duration: 46'28"

1. 2 Bows, 17 Strings &... 9'36"
Kartoffel Folket Nr.4 6'32"
Look At That... Wandering Nomads 13'50"
Embryo... Invisible Orchestra 12'32"
credits 1'25"
before the gig... slide-show 2'06"

Filmed by Jim Tetlow, upstairs at The Charlotte, Leicester, 8 March 2008,
opening support for Black Carrot. DVD assembled by Alan Freeman.

Alan Freeman: guitar, synths, sounds
Steve Freeman: bass, objects, sounds
Dave Powell: hurdy gurdy, flute, etc

Our most high profile gig yet, and everything went smoothly. We had quite a reasonable sized audience (although many did come and go, seemingly puzzled by our weird sounds!) and Jim filmed it. A very different Triax gig, more condensed, more focused, more melodic (?!), with works based on albums themes, but with a more basic set-up too. The commercial side of Triax? Well, not really! Now you can find out, turn up the sound of your DVD palyer's virtual surround and shudder to the live vivid sound!

Note: this was filmed on an old Canon 8mm video camera. Do not adjust your set! All judder, glitches and visual splats (except some effects) are faults on the original tape! It was not possible to fix all glitches without ruining the flow of the music, and also to keep the sound/visuals in perfect sync (the sound was recorded digitally direct to disc) so, apologies for that!

DVD-R - released 4/2008.

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LIVE 080308
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Black Carrot
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from the same gig

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