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Catalogue # 183 (July-August), online version


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Books & Magazines

Just 1 new arrival in this section, and some items have sold-out.
I am planning on listing Audion magazines on Bandcamp shortly.

The Crack In The Cosmic Egg
2020 revised and expanded DVD-Rom edition

A vastly revised and expanded version is nearing completion, which will blow your socks-off - as it's just got so much in it! You can invest in this labour of love and pre-order with payments/donations of £30 or more. Either, instruct us to charge your credit/debit card, send a UK bank cheque payable to Ultima Thule, or pay via PayPal to utle2uk@btconnect.com. Investors will get free dedicated copies upon publication. To keep up on developments join our "The Crack In The Cosmic Egg" Facebook group, and maybe also help with some missing info or pictures, etc. For those that don't have DVD drives, download and USB stick versions will also be made available. See the illustrated panel on the news page!


A Fistful Of Spaghetti
Italian music encyclopedia

A circa 300 page A4 book in the same manner as the original "The Crack In The Cosmic Egg" will hopefully be pblished later this year. All my writing and provisional layout has been completed, just awaiting Steve to do his final editorial job before publication. We are planning on doing this ourselves and will be running a fund raiser once the book is complete. We do also welcome any offers or help from publishers that may want to be partners in this project. For more detailed information, see the illustrated panel on the news page!


COSMIC PRICE GUIDE TO ORIGINAL KRAUTROCK RECORDS (CPG Books ISBN 3-9810109-0-6) NEW - unused copy £25.00, dedicated to Steven Freeman - "Revised & updated 2nd edition 2006" hard-back - in German & English. An interesting reference tool, but some of the prices are way-off! Still has some errors from the previous version: i.e. the Baumann/Koek LP filed in the Peter Baumann section. P&P = 12 units.

E-MIX 1.2 (1992) £2.00 - Yanni, Ottmar Liebert, William Aura, May East, etc.

MELODIE UND RHYTHMUS 6.81 (magazine) vg+ £5.00 - DDR music magazine. With Stern Meissen poster. Articles on Hansi Biebl, etc. Large format. «in German language»

THE MIX NO. 5 (4/86) vg £1.00 - Dark Star label, reviews, etc. P&P = 1 unit.

# ROCK IN DEUTSCHLAND 3 (Taurus Press ISBN 3-922542-16-6) EX £10.00 - © 1984 by Günter Ehnert & Detlef Kinsler. Revised edition including histories of many Krautrock bands, and other acts through to the post NDW era. «in German language»
(1983) £3.00 - 20 or so old stock copies, inc. Percussion Ensembles, Spanish Progressive Rock, Anarchy vs. Order in Czechoslovakian Progressive Music, Interview with Klaus Schulze, reviews.

Audion magazine...



Old spare personal copies. Some are stamped with ULTIMA THULE on the front cover and/or handwritten "shop reference copy." Covers may be slightly dirty, with some wear. Internal pages are generally as new.

Audion #3 £12.00 (1/1987) United Dairies, Michel Huygen, Stephan Micus, Peter Frohmader, etc.

Audion #4 £12.00 (4/1987) Sub Niggurath, Riccardo Sinigaglia, Muslimgauze, Bill Nelson, etc.

Audion #4 £10.00 (4/1987) Sub Niggurath, Riccardo Sinigaglia, Muslimgauze, Bill Nelson, etc. ex shop reference copy

Audion #5 £12.00 (7/1987) Steve Roach, Synergy, Ken Moore, Hungarian Rock, Nik Tyndall, etc.

Audion #7 £12.00 (1/1988) Steve Hillman, Ron Berry, Eloy, Yochk'o Seffer, Polish rock, etc.

Audion #9 £12.00 (8/1988) Embryo, David Prescott, Baschet Brothers, Recommended, etc.

Audion #10 £12.00 (11/1988) Ole Højer Hansen, Eberhard Weber, Steve Roach, Djam Karet, etc.

Audion #12 £12.00 (6/1989) Kosmische Musik, Günter Schickert, Shylock, Walter Holland

Audion #12 £10.00 (6/1989) Kosmische Musik, Günter Schickert, Shylock, Walter Holland ex shop reference copy

Audion #13 £15.00 (11/1989) Faust, Jap prog, Tangle Edge, Rascal Reporters, USSR, etc.

Audion #16 £10.00 (10/1990) Ohr, Emma Myldenberger, Look De Bouk, etc. ex shop reference copy

Audion #19 £10.00 (8/1991) Amon Düül, Nurse With Wound, Steve Moore ex shop reference copy

Audion #20 £10.00 (11/1991) Ash Ra Tempel, Parmegiani, ECM, Justine, etc. ex shop reference copy

Audion #23 £10.00 (11/1992) Richard Pinhas, John Cage, Italian Prog, Faust ex shop reference copy      

Audion #32 £10.00 (6/1996) Kraftwerk, Neu!, Cluster, Ame Son, Fille Qui Mouse, Dockstader ex shop reference copy

Audion #34 £10.00 (2/1996) Ashra/Göttsching, François Bayle, Nik Tyndall, Artgallery, Fathom ex shop reference copy

Audion #36 £10.00 (11/1996) Embryo, Samla Mammas Manna, Pyramid reissues, etc. ex shop reference copy


BARGAIN COPIES - other ex Ultima Thule shop display, one-off copies!

stamped with ULTIMA THULE on the front cover and/or handwritten "shop reference copy"

Audion #37 £2.50 (5/1997) Chris Karrer, Brainticket, Moving Gelatine Plates, Faust

Audion #40 £2.50 (11/1998) Guru Guru (Neumeier & Trepte interviews), Roedelius

The Audion Index £2.50 (11/1996) for issues #1-#36


see Audion page



All publications are in English language unless otherwise stated.

Magazine p&p = 2 units (except where stated). Many of these are rare one-off's!

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