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Catalogue # 196 (September-October 2022), online version

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The hassles of Brexit are still with us, as most European labels and distributors don't know how to despatch things correctly, even when I include exact instructions on what to do. We were supposed to have a Garden Of Delights delivery included in this new list, plus a surprise reissue from Italy. But, both those orders haven't arrived as yet.

   So, with this list there are not as many new titles as we wanted, but still plenty for you all to choose from. Remember, many things we have are deleted or will no longer be available at these prices if we re-order, as (on top of increased post Brexit costs) there are steadily increasing prices from distributors. So, you should buy those obscurities now that you may have been holding back on now before they disappear!

   As always, remember that the more you support us by buying stock or downloads from Ultima Thule, then the more we can set aside for ordering more new items. Also, we still need more pre-orders and donations for our Italian music book "A Fistful Of Spaghetti" see here.

   This list is also available as a pdf and html versions on the Ultima Thule web site, and nearly all items are also available via our Discogs shop.

   Cheers - Alan & Steve.   31 August 2022.


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