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Catalogue # 181 (March-April 2020), online version

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In January I started up a new Facebook group for French Progressive & Underground music. So, it's apt that many of the new arrivals on this list either are French or come from France, although that said nearly all the Long Hair titles are by German bands. Anyway, French wise, we managed to get some more old deleted Spalax titles, Musea and Soleil Zeuhl restocks, and a few new releases/reissues. So, plenty new here to indulge in, as well as the back catalogue, and our own releases of which there are two new ones! See info on the right! Also, remember you can still buy remaining stocks from the January Sale that came with list 180. For more info, look on our web site and most Discogs listings have more detailed descriptions and audio samples for you to listen to.

   Not much more to add, except that the Ultima Thule website has recently been moved and revamped a little.

Cheers - Alan.

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