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revised: 1 August 2020

Ultima Thule Mail-Order List 183 online

compact discs
music cassettes

Ultima Thule releases
books & magazines

The printed version of Ultima Mail-Order Catalogue 183 (July-August 2020)
was mailed-out to subscribers on 29 June 2020
The web version was posted online on Thursday 2 July 2020 as 16:20
Ordering instructions: look here


work complete, out soon...

The Crack In The Cosmic Egg
German music encyclopedia DVD-Rom edition

12 years in the making! A completely revised "The Crack In The Cosmic Egg" DVD-Rom is near completion, and will be out sometime soon.
This is some 3 times bigger than the original CD-rom, and includes all sorts of extras. It will be presented in a DVD size Digipak case with the revised artwork as you can see here.

Currently being manufactured. Release imminent. Delivery probably 10 August 2020.

For details of how to order, prices, more info and updates look here.


New arrivals...


Embryo featuring Jimmy Jackson - STEIG AUS (Motor, Universal Music, Brain 06024 981629-6) CD £13.00

Kraan - LIVE (Intercord, EMI Electrola 7243 8 22671 2 6) CD £11.00


ZYX Compact Discs


GURU GURU - UFO (ZYX OHR 70014-2: RE) CD £12.50

GURU GURU - HINTEN (ZYX OHR 70015-2: RE) CD £12.50





ZYX Records




GURU GURU - UFO (ZYX OHR 70014-1: GF) LP £14.00

GURU GURU - HINTEN (ZYX OHR 70015-1) LP £14.00





For shipping/p&p and payment details see: http://www.ultimathulerecords.com/mailorder.html


Burnin Red Ivanhoe - Right On CD

Chico Magnetic Band - Chico Magnetic Band CD

Mirror - Daybreak CD

Plamp - ... Und Überhaupt ... CD

Sicher - Sicher CD

Subversion - Subversion CD

Trèfle - Reflet CD


new delivery from Sulatron = Electric Moon, Sula Bassana, Zone Six, etc.


Important! USA parcel rates increase = extra column added to p&p rates due to new higher prices since the 1st of July.
This means orders of 2xCDs will be cheaper sent as 2 packets!


Audion magazine...


Many are now last copies, some are out of print. Grab them before they go! Look here and here

Now selling magazine and multimedia pdf editions via Bandcamp


New at Bandcamp...


New download collections and lots of never reissued before titles!

Alan Freeman - A.C.F. #1: Time Shift, Xylem (1983), Xylem: Revision, Xylem: Predator, Xylem: Elephants Pursued

Steve Freeman - SF.1: Xenophile, Scorpio: Conduct Unbecoming, Scorpio: Vox Populi, Scorpio: Tredje

Zircon & The Burning Brains - Schreek, Take Two, Theatre Of Modern Warfare, «DB»

plus: Interstellar Cementmixers, all Poultry Products, and much more!

Bandcamp index here


On the way...


Delivery of Ohr & Pilz reissue deletions on CD & LP from Germany.


New releases / yet to order...


Caspar Brotzmann Massaker - THE TRIBE and BLACK AXIS - new reissues!

Richard Pinhas - EAST WEST - LP/CD reissue on Bureau B

The Spacious Mind - THE DRIFTER - oddments compilation with 1 new track

probably some more East Euro reissues including Modry Efekt titles



Keep a look-out on the Ultima Thule Facebook group for daily special downloads at "name your price"



most new arrivals and for sale re-listings shown first here...



Buy direct via email or phone with your credit/debit card details, or by email or Facebook messenger requesting a PayPal invoice.
Items can be reserved (for one week) and paid by cheque/postal-order/cash. p&p/shipping is extra.
No visits at the moment.
Contacts: 0116 2702354  utle2uk@btconnect.com  https://www.facebook.com/alan.freeman.75054


AUDION at Bandcamp

You can now buy all available* Audion issues via the Audion Bandcamp page.

For a quick rundown of what's in all the issues it is best to visit the Audion page on this site first, and also use the Audion index if you are looking for particular artists

All Bandcamp physical sales have 99p added to cover their fees and PayPal costs.
You can buy individual items, or add to basket and order a load of issues in one go.
All Audion physical issues on Bandcamp have 4 example pages to read before you buy!

Audion issues 23 & 40 are now available as a multimedia: pdf/txt/flac download editions

PDF download versions of all out of print / requested issues will be added over the next few weeks.

look here: https://audion1.bandcamp.com/ (printed magazines are in the merch tab)

* one-offs, last copies and second-hand items aren't listed on Bandcamp, so enquire direct.


work in progress...

A Fistful Of Spaghetti
Italian music encyclopedia A4 soft-bound book

We wanted to publish this book 20 years ago, but we were far from having all the info we need to do a proper job. Now, having heard everything of repute from this wonderful scene, we managed to get it all together and organise it into a book format.

The basic articles, discographies and layout are all complete. So, it's now up to Steve to do his editorial job, which means there's still a bit of work to be done, but it could be out later this year or early in 2021, if we can get enough pre-orders and raise the funds that is. Once we've finalized the number of pages and sought out some quotes we'll run a fund-raiser.

For more info and updates go to the Ultima Thule site web page or join our Italian progressive & underground Facebook group.


Ultima Thule release news


new releases...

due out 1 November
Embryo - GOOD TIMES (UTCE 017 CDR) CDR - live at the Vlotho festival in 1978+


due out in August
Peter Frohmader's Krautrock jam project from the early 1990s
the inevitable double album, 108'47" of experimental rock innovation!

out 1st of March
30/12/2018 session - also, buy via Discogs
Ruin - WIRED UP (AMCDR 304)
March 2018 session - also, buy via Discogs



Endgame - LIQUID TIME (AMCDR 302) CDR - brand new 20th anniversary 2019 session! After a hiatus of several years, except for the occasional Quadelectronic performance, this 20th anniversary session from Endgame just goes to show that the daring spirit of Endgame has not at all died out. Fresh and vital, this mixes some well-worn ideas with lots of new ones, and obviously some ideas leeching through form parallel projects Triax and Approaching Infinity. So, expect both the familiar Endgame style (if there is such a thing) embellished by a lot that is different.


Rancid Poultry - ARCHIVES (Auricle, various catalogue numbers) - series of 6 discs all containing previously unreleased recordings from the 1990s, all culled from the best of jam sessions, live tapes and rehearsals, plus a download sampler containing one track from each!


future projects...
Approaching Infinity - Triton (AMCDR 305)
new live recordings and trio works by Alan Freeman & Jim Tetlow + guests
Ruin - TBA (AMCDR 30?)
Approaching Infinity - Beyond The Wall Of Sleep - TBA
? - TBA

refound Auricle...

Endgame - CUPOLA (AMCDR 040) CDR £7.00 - 4 covers rediscovered!
Endgame - PARADOXE
(AMCDR 036) CDR £7.00 - 20 covers rediscovered!

Dave Powell - FRIED ROSIN (AMCDR 042) CDR £7.00 - 7 covers rediscovered

Jim Tetlow - ONEIROMANCER (AMCDR 009) CDR £7.00 - 17 covers rediscovered
these will be duplicated to order


very last stock copies of these Auricle releases...

Endgame - FLUXION (AMCDR 050) CDR £7.00 - ex-display insert new/vg+ copy

Endgame - KHIMAIRA (AMCDR 108/9) 2xCDR £11.00 - last copy of original (will be reissued with a slightly revised cover)

Endgame - JUST CURIOUS (AMCDR 154/155) 2CDR £11.00 - last copy of second edition

Endgame - MP3 DISC (AMP3 CDR 001) CDR £11.00 - last copy (17 hours of Endgame as mp3)

Moore/Myers - REACHING BEYOND THE SPHERE (AMC 026) c60 cassette £9.00 - last copy

various artists - A BREEZE OF TIME (AMACDR 015) CDR £5.00 - last 2 copies

various artists - AURICLE CASSETTES SAMPLER (AMSCDR 001) CDR £9.00 - last copy (inc. rare Courtyard Moth, Robert Rich, Shub Niggurath)

various artists - HISTORICAL AURICLE (AMSCDR 002) CDR £9.00 - last copy (inc. rare Con-Hertz, Peter Frohmader, Colin Potter, etc.)

various artists - AURICLE CDR 2001 SAMPLER (AMSCDR 005) CDR £3.00 - last 4 copies

various artists - AURICLE CDR 2002 SAMPLER (AMSCDR 010) CDR £3.00 - last copy

various artists - RARITIES 2 (AMACDR 013) CDR £5.00 - last 2 copies

various artists - UT GOLDEN HOUR (AMSCDR 003) CDR £3.00 - last 4 copies


very last stock copies of Endgame Live discs...

Discover Endgame live, an improvising electronics band from Leicester, UK. These bargain priced releases amount to a selection of choice live recordings from 2001 to 2005, some featuring special guests and culminating as support to Arthur Brown. Some of this is the most out-there Endgame recorded. Styles: drone, ambient, electroacoustic, dark ambient, kosmische, industrial. Available direct or via the Ultima Thule Discogs shop.

all now £5.00 each (or £5.99 inc. PayPal & Discogs fees), except noted

Endgame - LIVE VOL. II (Auricle AMEGL2) CDR - white cased - last copy

Endgame - LIVE VOL. IV (Auricle AMEGL4) CDR - white cased - last copy

Endgame - LIVE VOL. VI (Auricle AMEGL6) CDR - white cased - last 2 copies

Endgame - LIVE VOL. VI (Auricle AMEGL6) CDR £2.50 - white cased - ex display copy - hence special offer price!

Endgame - LIVE VOL. VIII (Auricle AMEGL8) CDR - white cased - last copy, one of the first 10 published with misprinted cover!

Endgame - LIVE VOL. IX (Auricle AMEGL9) CDR - white cased - last copy

Endgame - LIVE VOL. X (Auricle AMEGL10) CDR - white cased - last 2 copies

Endgame - LIVE 2001 SAMPLER (Auricle AMEGS1) CDR £3.00 - white cased - ex display copy - last copy


very last stock copies of Endgame Plasm set...

Discover Endgame in a nutshell, an improvising electronics band from Leicester, UK. These bargain priced releases amount to a selection of session and live specials, plus remixes and rarities, largely in the more accessible vein of drone, ambient, electroacoustic, dark ambient, kosmische, industrial. Available direct or via the Ultima Thule Discogs shop.

all now £5.00 each (or £5.99 inc. PayPal & Discogs fees), except noted

Endgame - PROTOPLASM (Auricle AMEGD1) CDR £5.00 - white cased - last copy

Endgame - PROTOPLASM (Auricle AMEGD1) CDR £2.50 - copy with case marked PROMO and silver disc - hence special offer at half price

Endgame - PROTOPLASM (Auricle AMEGD1) CDR £4.00 - sleeved - last copy

Endgame - CYTOPLASM (Auricle AMEGD2) CDR £4.00 - white cased - last 2 copies

Endgame - CYTOPLASM (Auricle AMEGD2) CDR £3.00 - sleeved - last 2 copies

Endgame - ENDOPLASM (Auricle AMEGD4) CDR £5.00 - white cased - last copy

Endgame - ENDOPLASM (Auricle AMEGD4) CDR £4.00 - sleeved - last 3 copies

Endgame - BIOPLASM (Auricle AMEGD5) CDR £5.00 - white cased - last 2 copies

Endgame - BIOPLASM (Auricle AMEGD5) CDR £4.00 - sleeved - last 2 copies

Endgame - NUCLEOPLASM (Auricle AMEGD6) CDR £5.00 - white cased - last 2 copies

Endgame - NUCLEOPLASM (Auricle AMEGD6) CDR £4.00 - sleeved - last 3 copies


special limited editions / reissues...

Con-Hertz - CONTRASTS (AMC 028) 2x c90 £15.00 - last 4 copies - duplicated on Maxell XL II chrome

Peter Frohmader - JULES VERNE CYCLE (AMC 018) c60 £5.00 - last copy - duplicated on branded chrome cassettes

Robert Rich - LIVE (AMC 021) MC £9.00 - 1 copy - duplicated on Maxell XL II chrome

Robert Rich - LIVE (AMCDR-LTD 021) 2CDR £9.00 - 6 copies

Robert Rich - INNER LANDSCAPES (AMC 029) MC £5.00 - 2 copies - duplicated on Maxell XL II chrome

Robert Rich - INNER LANDSCAPES (AMCDR-LTD 029) 2CDR £9.00 - 1 copy


copies of these can be duplicated to order...


I still have covers for these (quantities as stated), but no way to print on silver discs, so these will be "hand labelled" like this


Endgame - HORIZONS (AMCDR 084) - 2 copies

Endgame - OBVIOUS (AMCDR 086) - 2 copies

Endgame - ELEMENTAL TRAVELLER (AMCDR 110) - 2 copies

Endgame - OCULAR (AMCDR 111) - 2 copies

Endgame - VAPOURS (AMCDR 160) - 1 copy

Endgame - ENIGMA (AMCDR 161) - 1 copy

Endgame - UNDER CONSTRUCTION (AMCDR 162) - 1 copy

Endgame - TACTILE (AMCDR 170) - 1 copy

Endgame - REMOTE VIEWING (AMCDR 176) - 1 copy

Extremities - COLLISION THEORY (AMCDR 141) - 2 copies


Buy direct via email or phone with your credit/debit card details, or by email or Facebook messenger requesting a PayPal invoice.
Items can be reserved (for one week) and paid by cheque/postal-order/cash. p&p/shipping is extra.
If local or coming to Leicester you can arrange to visit.
Contacts: 0116 2702354  utle2uk@btconnect.com  https://www.facebook.com/alan.freeman.75054


Coronavirus health crisis

During these difficult times Ultima Thule will keep on running as long as the mail service keeps working.
Luckily, as we work from home, with a post office just around the corner, it is mostly business as normal for us.
So, please keep your orders coming and make sure that we can stay busy supplying you with great music over the next weeks.
Remember, you can order by email, Facebook or phone, and also keep in touch with us via our various Facebook pages.

Please note that most venues are closing their doors until who knows when? So all gigs are off. I'll add any updates on the gigs page.
The Faust gig at the Union Chapel, London, 8 May has been postponed, and a new date has been announced in October.
Anyway, hope we all get through this okay, and best wishes to all our customers/friends. Keep well and keep on enjoying the music!

Late news: on 30th of June Leicester was put back on Lockdown, for two weeks, pending review.


Alan & Steve at Ultima Thule



Other info, queries, etc...


Monster Melodies Records...

Thinking of stocking a few releases on Monster Melodies Records ‎from France. Mostly unreleased recordings of the French 1970s underground. These are LP only, and are not cheap (will be around £25 retail I think), and include: Xalph (moody Shub Niggurath / Eskaton type band), Robert Wood And Woodlands - Live at Lons Le Saulnier, 1974 (excellent trippy psych/prog by electric vibes player, Gong & Lard Free related), Eclosion - Eclosion (excellent trippy folk-psych/experimental, ex Ame Son), Moving Gelatine Plates (unreleased sessions and live), etc.
Anyone interested? More info at: https://www.discogs.com/label/613034-Monster-Melodies-Records
I'm after listening copies of those listed below to decide if we need to stock them (only edited track samples can be found online)...
Dies Irae MMLP08, Jacques Dudon - Erosion Distillée MMLP09, Satan MMLP10, Contrepoint MMLP11, Calcium MMLP12, Xalph MMLP13


Souffle Continu Records...

Another label I need to stock, once we can raise the funds to do so. Lots of great rare stuff on the label.


Spring cleaning specials

ROBERT CALVERT - CENTIGRADE 232 (Voiceprint VP403CD) CD ex/ex+ £5.00 - this does not have the limited edition booklet

LOREN MAZZACANE CONNORS & SUZANNE LANGILLE - CRUCIBLE ‎(Black Label BLACK 4) ex+/- £5.00 - uncased with front booklet only, experimental music for guitar and voice

RICHARD GARET - DECENTERING (Sourdine SD005) CD ex+/- £5.00 - This is missing the brown paper envelope. Comes in a polysleeve with insert. Abstract experimental music. Also listed on Discogs

MATHIAS GRASSOW & TOMAS WEISS - Farewell, bonus disc: KARMA (Musical Philosophy) ex+/- £2.00 - black CDR#049/100

FELIX JAY - SUBAQUEOUS (Hermetic Recordings HERM 1011) 2CD £10.00 - gatefold card sleeve - ambient works from Roedelius collaborator

CONRAD SCHNITZLER - THE PIANO WORKS, VOLUME 1 (Individuelle Mythologie IM 001) CD ex/ex £20.00 - Disc is as new. Card cover has slightly yellowed with age and has some minor wear/skuffs and creasing, plus has a faded PROMO COPY stamped in the 1 on the front. Insert is signed "Hello! C 12.12.97" in silver marker by Con himself. Very rare avant-piano constructions. Also listed on Discogs

DIETER MÜH - EXETER CAVERN 25.3.07 (-) CDR m/- £5.00 - 30m document from an electronic improvisation event, includes 2 photos

NURSE WITH WOUND - RAT TAPES ONE (United Dairies UD 0169CD) m/m £9.50 - reputedly this version is the first, NWW-home-printed edition of 100 created to be sold at the 2006 San Francisco concert. Also listed on Discogs

RICHARD SKELTON - *SKURA (Sustain-Release ) mp3 DVD m/ex+ £40.00 - complete musical works of Richard Skelton, including all A Broken Consort releases, and releases under many other aliases. All ambient and abstract music. DVD is accompanied by a 122-page book featuring a full discography, artwork, poem fragments, liner notes and introductory essays. p&p as per 2xCD rate (4 units). Also listed on Discogs
JIM STALEY WITH BORAH BERGMAN & PHOEBE LEGERE - BLIND PURSUITS ‎(Einstein Records 011) ex+/- £5.00 - uncased with front booklet only, very unusual free improvisation works for piano, trombone, didgeridoo, voice and accordion

various - AMBIANCES MAGNÉTIQUES VOLUME 3: INÉDITS (Ambiances Magnétiques AM 050) CD vg+/ex £5.00 - disc has some slight marks caused by the card holder, box/cover "Opak box" is closer to nm. 24 tracks by René Lussier, Jean Derome, Joane Hétu and others


Audion #32 (6/1996) reprint, one-off copy that was mistakenly printed on heavy paper, price: £10.00
Klaus Schulze - Historic Edition, Fille Qui Mousse, Cardboard, IQ, Rescued Relics: Akasha, Herbe Rouge, Lisker, etc.,
Ame Son - Marc Blanc interview, Krautrock Industrial - Kraftwerk, Neu!, Cluster, Tod Dockstader - Radical Sound Explorations,
reviews: Autopsia, Patricia Dallio, Happy Family, High Wheel, Labradford, Landberk, Pneuma, Jorge Reyes, Standarte, ZAO, etc.

more updates will be added here when stocks arrive.



Sundry other items

these are items listed on Discogs that are not our usual material and/or not in our mail-order catalogue.
This list isn't always monitored, so some items may be sold already!


Compact Discs

THE AMBUSH PARTY - THE AMBUSH PARTY (De Platenbakkerij PB0000: DP) CD m/vg+ £8.00 £1.00 - Dutch jazz & new music fusion outfit. © 2011.

ASK - ACOUSTIC QUARTET 2006 (Discus 27CD) CD m/ex+ £2.50 £2.00 - Martin Archer & co. in make a jazz squawk & clatter mode here! © 2006.

CCQ - TREIFFEL (Platenbakkerij PB002: DP) CD m/m £4.00 £2.00 - Aka Chris Corstens Quartet, contemporary jazz outfit from Holland (saxes/piano/drums/cello). © 2011.

DEAD COWBOY CULTURE - THE REST IS SILENCE (private: DP) CD £9.00 - Obscure Leicester band led by the charismatic multi-instrumentalist Doc Scott. Their 2009 debut album.

DEEP SKY DIVERS - THE NEW FAST LANE (Anyrobinhood arh0011) CD vg+/ex+ £3.00 - Syrupy new-age from England, includes some reworked versions of old tracks. © 2003.

ENDGAME - ICH BIN SCHIZOPHRENE (Auricle AMCDR 022) CDR £5.00 - Promo, not numbered.

THE GRATEFUL DEAD - AOXOMOXOA (Warner Bros. 7599-27178-2) CD ex+/m £5.50 - Influential US rock band featuring Jerry Garcia, Mickey Hart, Phil Lesh, etc. © 1969.

GREW TRIO - IT'S MORNING (Discus 22CD) CD m/m £2.50 £2.00 - Meandering "make a jazz noise here" type scrappy jazz. Sax, piano, etc. © 2005.

HORNWEB - THE ROSEMARY SONGBOOK (Discus 26cd) CD ex+/ex+ £3.00 £2.50 - Jazzy stuff from Martin Archer, Derek Saw & Charlie Collins. © 2006.

NICO HUIJBREGTS - FALSCHE TANGO (Vindu 20101: DP) CD m/m £4.00 £2.00 - Contemporary chamber/cafe music meets experimental jazz?

I COMPANI - MANGIARE! (icdisc.nl 1101) CD vg+/vg+ £4.00 £3.50 - Dutch jazz ensemble.

INCLUSION PRINCIPLE - THE LEAF FACTORY FALLBACK (Discus 38CD: CC) CD ex+/ex+ £4.50 £4.00 - Free bric-a-brac electronic noise & saxophones (in LMC improv vein, MEV/AMM/Morphogenesis realms) from Sheffield duo Martin Archer & Herve Perez. © 2010.

JUXTAVOICES - JUXTANOTHER ANTICHOIR FROM SHEFFIELD (Discus 44CD: CC) CD m/ex+ £7.00 - Oddball avant-garde vocal ensemble from Sheffield (formed by Martin Archer).

KOCH-SCHUTZ-STUDER & MÚSICOS CUBANOS - FIDEL (Intakt CD 056) CD m/m £6.50 - Swiss jazz trio meet a gang of Cuban traditional musicians. From challenging to toe-tapping!

PAULO J FERREIRA LOPES - FEEZE (atrito-afeito 001) CDR m/m £4.50 £3.50 - Canadian based Portuguese experimental synthesist. © 2013.

DARIUSZ MAZUROWSKI - REHEARSALS (De eM Studio) CDR ex+/ex+ £9.00 - Early recordings, varied elctronic/electroacoustic experimental "kind of sounds like Asmus Tietchens doing John Cage" according to my review notes, really obscure this is not even listed on the artist's web pages.

MESCHPLAN - THE MESCHPLAN TAPES (BORG 001: DP) CD m/ex+ £4.99 - Synth stuff.

MESON - 5C4L3 (Discus 55CD: CC) CD m/ex+ £7.00 - "Ambidelic post-folk prog-bebop from Meson" Abstract stuff with electronics & jazz instruments, somewhat feels like Roger Doyle's Babel Project, kind of Julie Tippets like theatrics & a little bit towards psychedelic stuff with female voice & sci-fi concept. Led by Bo Meson. © 2016.

MICHAEL NYMAN - THE PIANO (MN MNRCD107) CD ex/ex+ £3.00 £2.50- "The Composer's Cut Series Vol. III" version of this Soundtrack. © 2005.

PREMIER ROELES - KA DA VER (Vindu Music vindu20111: CC) CD m/m £5.50 £3.00 - Dutch quartet led by bassist Harmjan Roeles. Scrappy noodle jazz. © 2011.

RANDOMWORLD - 1 (Discus 31CD: CC) CDR £9.00 - Abstract improv, every copy is different!

SMALL FACES - OGDENS NUT GONE FLAKE (Castle CMRCD1192) CD m/ex+ £5.50 - Their celebrated eccentric album featuring Stanley Unwin. © 1968.

SOFT MACHINE - KINGS OF CANTERBURY (Snapper SMDCD456) 2CD m/m £5.50 - Cheapo sampler - an ideal intro to Soft Machine for the newcomer!

TANGERINE DREAM - TANG-GO (TDI CD026) 2CD ex/ex+ £7.50 - "The Best Of Tangerine Dream 1990-2000". Very varied compilation, mainly by the Edgar & Jerome Froese line-up. © 2000.

TANGERINE DREAM - OCEAN WAVES COLLECTION (Purple Pyramid CLP 9276) CD ex+/m £10.00 - 2009 reissue of compilation previously released on E@stgate in 2007!

CORRIE VAN BINSBERGEN - SELF PORTRAIT IN PALE BLUE (Brokken Records BR006: DP) CD m/m £7.00 £5.00 - Dutch soft, scuttly David Torn (bit Terje Rypdal) type guitar moods.

FLORIAN WITTENBURG -  DON'T PUSH THE PIANO AROUND (Nur/Nicht/Nur 117 01 26: DP) m/ex+ £5.00 - Piano works, © 2017.

FLORIAN WITTENBURG - FOUR WAVES (Nur/Nicht/Nur 118 03 06: DP) m/ex+ £8.00

BORIS YOFFE - SONG OF SONGS (ECM New Series ECM 2174/476 4426) CD ex+/ex+ £4.50 £4.00 - Russian-born Israeli classical composer. 5 works. © 2011.

ZOID - ZOID VS THE JAZZ MUSICIANS OF IRELAND VOL 1 (Diatribe DIACD001: DP) CD £3.00 £2.50 - Totally odd techno & glitch/warp jazz fusion. © 2007.


Various Artists

BEYOND THE SEA (Cordelia CD040: DP) CD £8.00 - "The Surf instrumental bands of the world fearlessly extend their repertoire". Don's Mobile Barbers, Thurston Lava Tube, & 24 others!


NIGHT MUSIC: THE BEST OF AD MUSIC VOLUME 5 (AD Music AD77CD) CD £9.00 £6.00 - Cheap intro to label: Robert Fox, Richard Bone, Robert de Fresnes, David Wright, Enterphase, etc.

TANGRAM SAMPLER (Tangram: CC) CD ex+/vg+ £8.00 - Promo label sampler: D. Malherbe, L. Ehrlich, B. Letort, Limborg, J.P. Voindrot. © 1993. Sleeve has some price sticker ink transferance saying: ex+/ex+ £8

UN VOYAGE EN PROGRESSIF, VOLUME 8 (Musea FGBG 4480.AR) CD ex+/ex+ £3.00 £2.50 - Label sampler: Quidam, Kerrs Pink, Tempano, Engel, Versus X, Jean-Pierre Alarcen, etc.



LA COMPANIA - REESTRENO (CBS S 64708) LP f+/ex £3.99 £1.00 - Kinda Eurovision m-o-r pop stuff, sung in Spanish. Probably as rare as hell, being Spanish circa 1970?

FOCUS - LIVE AT THE RAINBOW (5C 054-24939) LP g/vg £0.99

GILLAN - FUTURE SHOCK (Virgin 203.596) LP ex/ex £5.99 - Former Deep Purple vocalist & band (feat. Colin Towns). Dutch pressing: deluxe gatefold wallet/book cover. © 1981.

JLIAT - OF MUSICOLOGY: VOLUME 1 & 2 (-) 12" ex+/nc £8.99 - electronic, abstract, experimental

ILIA MAYER - VIDA NOCTURNA (Disboot DBOOT019) 12" £10.99 £5.99 - Spanish ambient, experimental, drone


AMANCIO PRADA - VIDA E MORTE (Alvares HALS 710-01) LP ex+/vg+ £8.99 £4.99 - Spanish folk singer. Seemingly all protest songs & not my sort of thing! © 1974.

YES - WONDROUS STORIES/PARALLELS (Atlantic K 10999) 7" vg/nc £0.50 - © 1977.


Music Cassettes

ALTO STRATUS - THE RITUAL (Auricle AMC 035) MC £20.00 - #1/100

EMERSON, LAKE & PALMER - WORKS, VOL. 1 (Atlantic K480009) 2MC ex+/ex+ £4.99 - One side by ELP, the other three sides are solo outings. © 1977. Note: P&P = 6 units!

YES - UNION (Arista 411 558: 1xBT) MC ex+/ex+ £3.00 - © 1991.

Music Videos


RADIOHEAD - MEETING PEOPLE IS EASY (Parlophone 7243 4 92142 3 1) VHS £2.99


Books, etc.

BAD ALCHEMY NR.38 (2001) Mag+7" EP ex £5.00 - German magazine covering all types of experimental music. The EP is Achim Wollscheid's "In Your Necessary Ear". P&P = 3 units.


You can buy any items on this page by email: utle1uk@btconnect.com / utle2uk@btconnect.com or by phone 0116 2702354

Please state that these are items on the Ultima Thule news page. This panel is not regularly updated, so some items may already be sold.



Web news


31 Dec 2019: old Tiscali site discontinued.

14 Jan 2020: French progressive & underground - Facebook group created.

12 Feb 2020: BT site discontinued.

21 Feb 2020: This new www.ultimathulerecords.com site launched.

10 Mar 2020: Italian progressive & underground - Facebook group created.

13 June 2020: German progressive & underground - Facebook group created.


23 May 2020: Another job to do on the Ultima Thule web site

I use Microsoft Word as my web designer, and PayPal are no longer supporting Word html due to "security issues" so I'm moving all automated PayPal sales to Bandcamp. This means I've also set up Auricle versions of Poultry Products and Interstellar Cementmixers pages on Bandcamp. I have also put all stock copies of Audion on Bandcamp, and am also adding multimedia digital versions of many out of print issues (see above panel).

I did need to do a revision throughout the release pages on the Ultima Thule site anyway, so that images show correctly when shared on Facebook.

Of course, in the future, this means one less thing for me to set-up, although I now will need to revise the p&p charges on Bandcamp! So, whilst I'm undertaking this mammoth task, it's maybe time for you take advantage and get some discs before prices go up. This is still work in progress!



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Visiting is suspended during lockdown March-July 2020.
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