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Moderne Zeiten



NO. 4

available as...
Cosmic Egg UTCE 008 CDR £8.00
bandcamp download

duration: 46'26"

    Teil 1 in Rock:
Mike Rennt Die Piste Runter 6'24"
Gichtfinger 7':57"
Two Waves 5'14"
Bockbier Statt Baghwan 3'20"
    Teil 2 in Jazz:
Moderne Zeiten 11'16"
New Wave Bop 7'15"
Space 4'59"

Recorded 1982 at the music studio (Brückenstudio) of Lutz Rahn, who in the year 2009 we still highly recommend because of his technical competence and patience. Recording technician: Lutz Rahn (www.lutz-rahn.de)
LP production 1982: Alcatraz, photos: Andreas Stephan
cover: Jutta Rieck, Ernest Brinkmann, Jan Rieck
Post and CD-production 2009: Thomas Hockling
Remastered from the original tapes on a Telefunken recorder M10A by Lutz Rahn
Booklet and texts: Thomas Hockling
Dedications text: Jan Rieck

UK Reissue layout: Alan Freeman.
Licence: Thomas Hockling & Alcatraz.
This limited edition © May 2014.
Produced by Alan & Steve Freeman, Auricle Music, Cosmic Egg, Ultimate Transmissions.

Klaus Holst: guitar.
Mike Kann: bass, congas.
Jan Rieck: drums, syndrum.

(The Crack In The Cosmic Egg)
Sporadically the band has kept going ever since, largely in a jazz-rock type vein. First, they mellowed further on NO. 4, with a very much 1980's styled cross genre jazz-rock with a funky edge, akin to instrumental "guitar" Zappa, or the likes of David Torn or Terje Rypdal & The Chasers. It would seem, in the long-term, that Alcatraz have been a band that goes along with whatever the underground "fashion" is at the time, i.e. moving to political rock, to jazz fusion, and even more out-on-a-limb styles.

Originally issued as a private LP  in 1982.
Reissued as a CD-R by Thomas Hockling in 2009.
First Cosmic Egg edition, 20 numbered copies - released 1/5/2014.
Second Cosmic Egg edition, 20 numbered copies - released 1/3/2019.
Bandcamp download - released 31/12/2018.

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NO. 4
CD-R release
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