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Largo (extract)



2xMC Dark Star DS105/6 deleted
MC Auricle AMC 001 deleted
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Auricle AMCDR 007 7.00
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reissue duration: 79'17"

1. Ozveny Suita 21'25"
Paradise 14'24"
Largo 15'10"
Collage 23'12"
Strach 4'55"

Recorded at Dark Star Studio (March-April 1984).
Remixed from the original SVET OZVENY (Dark Star 105/6) 2 x c60 masters
by Alan Freeman at Tachyon Studio (2 June 2001).

Steve Freeman: synths, guitars, effects, vocals, glass.
Alan Freeman: synths, effects, tapes, loops, records, glass.


In the early 1980s we were discovering lots of excellent East European prog. Not that such music is so relevant here, except that we discovered the Czech words "Svet Ozveny" translated as "World Of Echoes", a conceptual idea we were working on at the time, so "Svet Ozveny" became the title!

The original release was a double c60 set, yet we soon realised we'd over stretched it all too much, and then remixed it as a more cohesive c90. For this CD issue though, I went back again to the original masters, neated it up a little, and judiciously (without truncating anything essential) condensed to just under 80 minutes.

A landmark album, exploring the use of echo machine in 4 major works, from the cosmic through to the industrial, the kind of Nurse With Wound meets musique concrete of "Ozveny Suita" opening with odd combinations of the melodic and pure Dada, followed by two spacious sprawls, and the eclectic, often intense "Collage", ending with the manic destructive "Strach".

This was the big leap on that became the groundwork for much of what we have done since, although at this time we spent hours and even days layering and bouncing, building up these pieces, whereas nowadays we'd probably do it live!

Original 2 x c60 cassette: - released 4/1984.
Re-edited c90 cassette: - released 4/1986.
CDR - released 2001.
Bandcamp download - released 13/8/2014.
Routenote distributed download - released 3/2/2016.

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