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The Astral Dark
Bardo Thodol



MC Auricle AMC 035 deleted
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Auricle AMCDR 031 7.00
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reissue duration: 74'15"

1. The Golden Dawn 8'34"
Scrying 11'00"
a) Vision From Afar (Premonition)
b) Music or Not? (Invocation)
c) Ultima Thule (Elevation)
The Astral Dark 4'30"
Bardo Thodol 6'44"
Ceremony 18'10"
a) Beyond Physical Realms
b) Development of the Inner Self,
c) Karma (Aerial Flight)
d) Samadhi
Trancemission II 4'44"
Mandrake (The Man Root) 5'07"
The Captive 15'20"

Recorded at Tachyon Studio (25-28 March 1989).
Bonus The Captive taken from A Cage Went In Search Of A Bird
(Dark Star DIS 1-2) sampler.
Digital transfer by Alan Freeman at Tachyon Studio (12 May 2002).

Alan Freeman: synths (Octave Cat, Korg MS20), Siel Orchestra 2, samples, loops.
Steve Freeman: synths (Moog Source+Moog Rogue CV linked sequencing), Casio MT68, samples, loops, Sinclair Spectrum programming.

Descriptive of man's rituals and ceremonies, the music on this album attempts sonically to reflects the calm serenity of meditation, the tense air of the ritual dance, the weird realms of occultist magic and more, with synthesizers and sound sampling, to create surreal sound paintings, taking the listener way beyond physical realms...
The Ritual was the culmination of 10 years of sonic exploration and self-training, developing our own language as non-musicians. Next to the Biomechanoid release this was our most melodic and musical endeavour and was the very last thing we recorded before putting all such activities on hold and starting up Ultima Thule. Recorded over a period of 4 days, it was one of the few recordings we made taking advantage of the multi-tracking possibilities of a 4 track Teac reel to reel, so for the first time we could play back and dub live without loss of quality. The Ritual is basically a collection of live recordings, with additional channels added later. In recording it we immersed ourselves in the concept of magic and mysticism, engaging in hypnotic and entangled patterns of sound, using synthesizers, keyboards and sequencers, plus loops and sampling. Some well-known voices can be heard imparting their wisdom in a repeated looping fashion, all adding to the ritualistic feel.

Cassette: 100 numbered copies + represses - released 3/1989.
CDR - released 2003.
Bandcamp download - released 12/8/2014.

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