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CD-R Auricle AMACDR 010 DL deleted
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duration: 71'28" compilation

1. Advent / Departure / Mothership / Hyperspace / Advent /
    Storm Of Meteorites  11'05"
Strange New World  3'25
Enigma  1'30"
The Battle & Escape  10'10"
Infinity  4'20"
The Eternal Divide  18'30"
Espial / Cannis Major  8'05"
Automation  6'20"
Burn Out  2'22"
Terra Incognito  5'10"

Created by Alto Stratus (as Adhara) at Dark Star Studio (1983-1984).
(Säbel SAD 84915) & VISIONS OF ALUCIA (Säbel SAD 84924).
Compiled & remixed at Tachyon Studio (17 June 2001).

Alan & Steve Freeman: Yamaha CS5, Casio keys, Moog Rogue.

This CD collates the choice material from Alto Stratus cassette releases originally issued under the guise of Adhara. I think, at this time, we were trying to create the illusion that there were several different artists on the labels we were handling. The three Adhara cassettes were issued on the sub-label Säbel (alongside Region 5 releases) on which the intention was to release cosmic synth based music.

The concept behind Adhara was to tell a science fiction story in music. We were encouraged to do this by friends who would say "this would make a great film soundtrack", and naturally with our passion for space movies we attempted to do a grand trilogy. "Golden Dream" told the simple tale of a rocket launch, a link with a mothership in orbit, the perils of hyperspace and meteorite storms, eventually arriving at their destination - a space station. "Infinity And Beyond" sees a number of shuttle investigations to different planets, encounters with aliens, and after a mighty space-battle they flee off into hyperspace without setting the controls. "Visions Of Alucia" finds the ship dropping out of hyperspace in a new uncharted galaxy, in which they have more adventures, eventually finding the planet Alucia - their new home. But, something strange lurks on their "Terra Incognito". Well, that's the rough gist of the story, and much of it is still preserved in the condensed 71 minute collection.

Core influences in this music included the soundtrack work of John Carpenter and Tangerine Dream, although the chief factor was to be able to tell the story with sound. Not being that au-fait with playing keyboards at that time meant that some of the melodic themes were a bit clumsily handled, and some of the descriptive sound fabrics were over-long. Naturally, such pieces are not included here. As the most primitive of the three releases "Golden Dream" is heard condensed in a segued montage form, whilst large portions of the sequels are heard intact. Listening to these tapes now, I can see that the Adhara project was very much an inspiration for my solo synthesizer work as Xylem. You may also notice that some of the material on "Visions Of Alucia" relates to Alto Stratus' "Tachyon" also recorded in September 1984.

As the pre-masters of these recordings no longer exist, this has all been dubbed and remixed from the cassette copy masters. Any slight drop-out is down to the age of the tapes, and I've attempted to eliminate the hiss and enhance the recordings giving them a wider dynamic range with added effects and reverb. This means that these recordings now have a quality and clarity unheard on the original cassette releases.

Alan Freeman (17 June 2001)

CD-R - released 2001.
Bandcamp download - released 11/8/2014.

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